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May 31, 2016

Gemini (change)
You are ready to launch into the future right now, and there isn't much that can stand in your way. The pioneering Aries Moon energizes your 11th House of Friends and Wishes, encouraging you to think ...

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  • Mom of 4-Year-Old Who Climbed into Zoo Pen Defends Herself from Backlash After Zookeepers Killed Gorilla

    The mother of the 4-year-old boy who slipped into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday – which led to the animal being shot dead – has hit back against online critics who are criticizing her parenting. Michelle Gregg defended herself in a now-deleted Facebook post, writing: "God protected my child until the authorities were able to get to him. Gregg continued, "As a society we are quick to judge how a parent could take their eyes off of their child and if anyone knows me I keep a tight watch on my kids.

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  • Two alligators feasting on a corpse found in Broward canal

    Police responded to a call Monday about a scene straight from a South Florida crime novel — a body was found being eaten by two alligators in a canal on the edge of the Everglades. Davie police found exactly that when they arrived at 7101 U.S. 27, on the western edge of the town of Southwest Ranches. Two alligators — a big one, and a little one — were eating a corpse that had not been identified. Authorities have not determined if the body belonged to a man or a woman. Nor did police know the cause of death. “The body has been in the water for a while,” said Capt. Dale Engle, spokesman for Davie police. As of 7 p.m., the body was still in the canal with the gators. Trappers from the Florida Fish

    Miami Herald q
  • Trump Hits the Panic Button at the Hint of a Third Party Run

    It’s hard to tell if conservative pundit William Kristol was being serious or just wanted to mess with presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when he tweeted a promise over the weekend that a conservative third-party alternative to the billionaire would soon declare interest in the presidency. “Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate--an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance,” he wrote. It was a strange thing for Kristol, who edits the Weekly Standard, to just toss off in the middle of a holiday weekend.

    The Fiscal Times
  • The Amish understand a crucial thing about modern medicine that most Americans don’t

    The Allegheny Plateau, sprawling across northern Pennsylvania and beyond, is an ecosystem of forested hills, with land that supports black bears, bald eagles and wandering turkeys, as well as a patchwork of wild herbs: burdock, jewelweed, chamomile and sheep sorrel. Cellphone reception is spotty and gas stations are few and far between. Tucked away among…

    Quartz q
  • Here's Everything Bran Saw In His Visions During The Latest 'Game Of Thrones'

    It was somewhat of a quiet week for Game of Thrones — no great houses of Westeros overthrown, not one living person murdered. What the episode definitely teased were more revealing visions from Bran. It’s unclear if Bran digested any of what he saw, but thanks to modern technology and our obsessive compulsion to break down all things Game of Thrones, we can make sure you do.

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    The workplace is evolving faster than ever. Find out what’s most important to employees in ADP’s 2016 Evolution of Work study.

  • Witnesses: 'There was nobody getting that baby back from that gorilla'

    Another witness, Tangie Hollifield, told CNN affiliate WCPO that she hugged a member of the child's family and assured him the boy would be saved. "He was just flipping out -- just scared," she said. "The scream from that gorilla, that I have never heard. I don't think that he was hurting him. He was just protecting him." 'It was a mess' The screaming seemed to agitate the 450-pound primate, witnesses said, and the scene quickly deteriorated. The gorilla became more aggressive and was seemingly determined not to free the child, witnesses said. "From what we saw [the child] could have been killed at any second," Bruce Davis, who was with Hollifield, told WCPO. "He threw him 10 feet in the air,

    CNN q
  • Columbia student says she went missing and remade herself all to ‘escape’ her ‘Ivy League life’

    While her family and friends posted frantic online pleas for help and the New York Police Department scoured the city, 19-year-old Nayla Kidd was moving into her new apartment in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. The then-Columbia University student had last been seen May 5, in a hall on campus. Then, for the next two weeks, she was gone: disappeared from the apartment she shared with three classmates, absent from her exams, noticeably silent as Mother’s Day came and went. (She and her mother are close; last year, Kidd made a video.) “Her grades are very important to her — to have her not show up to her finals is very troubling,” Alesha Wood, a family friend, told The Washington Post earlier

    Washington Post q
  • Eva Longoria Says Her Wedding was a 'Victoria Beckham Weekend': 'She Was the Best, Sweetest Person'

    The actress gushed over her friend and wedding dress designer, who even served as a witness on her marriage license.

    Entertainment Tonight

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