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Feb 14, 2016

Aquarius (change)
Instead of just assuming you know all the answers to all the questions today, soften your approach by acknowledging everyone else's areas of expertise. Your receptivity to new information is more cruc...

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  • Shaq Threw Down This Monster Two Hand Dunk After Charles Barkley Called Him Out

    Charles Barkley bet that Shaq didn't have it in him to hit a two hand dunk at his age. This didn't end well.

  • An instant snoring fix that beats CPAP masks


    Closed airways lead to snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring and sleep apnea can lead to serious health and relationship problems. We found the fix.

  • Trump finally went too far for Republicans

    Donald Trump finally made some bold and provocative claims that were largely true, and the Republican Party finally closed ranks to attack him. Saying Mexican immigrants are rapists didn't do it. Calling for a return of torture didn't do it. Calling for a ban on Muslim immigration didn't do it. Raising questions about Barack Obama's status as an American citizen didn't do it. Pretending that thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheered 9/11 didn't do it. So what did it? Trump said that invading Iraq was a disaster, that the country was mislead into invading Iraq by the Bush administration, and that the claim that Bush kept the country safe from terrorism is ridiculous because 9/11 happened on his

    Vox q
  • Leaked documents shed light on sexual assault allegations against Peyton Manning and the smear campaign against the alleged victim

    Court documents from a 2001 lawsuit have been obtained by Shaun King of the New York Daily News...

    Business Insider
  • Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Surprise Jill, Derick and Baby Israel During Mission Trip

    Now more than six months into their mission trip in Central America, the Dillards recently received some very special surprise guests: the Duggars! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar traveled to El Salvador to visit daughter Jill, son-in-law Derick and grandson Israel David in El Salvador. It was a great "impromptu visit," Derick wrote Thursday on the family's blog.

  • SNL has the perfect message for white people upset with Beyoncé

    Last week, the day before Super Bowl Sunday, Beyoncé released "Formation," perhaps the most overtly political song of her career. "You're talking to middle America when you have the Super Bowl," Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, told Fox News. Lampooning this backlash, Saturday Night Live created a mock trailer, "The Day Beyonce Turned Black." It's a heightened spoof of egregiously ignorant white people coming to the realization that their beloved Beyoncé is a black woman.

    Vox.com q
  • 21 Signs You Might Have Cancer


    Know these warning signs. The earlier you catch cancer, the better your chances of survival.

  • Troops betrayed as Army dumps hundreds of heroic war dogs

    “The first thing that went though my mind,” he says, “was, ‘S- -t. My dog’s gonna get shot.’ ” It was a perfect L-shaped ambush, bullets coming from the front and the right, the platoon pinned down in a flat, open landscape. Along the road were shallow trenches, no more than 14 inches deep. Daniel grabbed ­Oogie, squeezed him in a hole, then threw himself over his dog. It went against all his Army training. “They tell us it’s better for a dog to step on a bomb than a US soldier,” he says. The truth is Daniel, like just about every other dog handler in the armed forces, would rather take the hit himself. Five weeks into their training, Daniel and Oogie were inseparable. They showered together.

    New York Post q
  • Teenager steals Air Jordans in Craigslist robbery and has his arm severed in horrific incident

    A 17-year-old Brooklyn teenager is missing an arm, and a 39-year-old man is facing attempted murder charges. This is the result of a horrific scene in New York on Friday that unfolded from a seemingly routine Craigslist transaction. The 39-year-old man known only as "Phil" is a regular buyer and seller of sneakers on Craigslist. He agreed to a sale with the teenager and the pair met in the middle of the day on a busy street. It's here that things went wrong. Climbing into Phil's SUV, it's reported that the 17-year-old pulled a gun on the man, took the sneakers and walked off. Rather than calling the police, Phil took things into his own hand. He did a quick u-turn and ran over the teenager attempting

    SB Nation q
  • Scientists say this behavior can make men more attractive to women

    Scores of psychological studies suggest that, for guys, attractiveness isn't just about the way...

    Business Insider 49 mins ago

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