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Jul 28, 2016

Leo (change)
It's as if you are in a sailboat trying to reach your destination but the breeze isn't blowing in your direction. Thankfully, a change in the cosmic weather fills your sails today and propels you alon...

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  • IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Dated a Guy Who Lived in a Trap House

    I was working at a hotel and in a torrid, heartbreaking (for me, at least) on-and-off relationship with a guy who was, in the words of Hannah Horvath, "someone who treats my heart like monkey meat." It consisted of nothing more than me driving an hour out of my way every weekend to have a ...

  • Impressive Driving Range


    Go the distance in America’s longest-lasting pickups with an impressive driving range and capability to spare.

  • Kids Always Beg For a Pet Dog, but No Dad Has Ever Responded Quite Like This

    For generations, kids have begged their parents for a pet dog. It's essentially a childhood rite of passage, right up there with learning to ride a bike and threatening to run away from home. But only a few parents have likely drafted a legally binding "family dog contract" and went on to have each child sign the document before agreeing to add a furry friend to the household. Herein is one of those parents. Father to Amy, Jessica, Casey, and Samantha, this dad created a 13-point contract and posted it to Imgur — possibly to make it hold up in a court of law? — before it went viral for its head-scratching requirements. For instance, although the dad gets full veto power over the dog's name and

    PopSugar q
  • Matt Damon fights mysterious enemies in the stunning trailer for 'The Great Wall'

    Matt Damon sure has been busy of late. He was stranded on Mars in "The Martian," he's returning...

    Business Insider
  • Everything We Know About the Upcoming Toyota Supra

    If there’s one yet-to-be-released car that everyone is anticipating (other than the mid-engine Corvette), it’s the upcoming Toyota Supra. The Supra moniker has been off the U.S. market for nearly 15 years now, believe it or not, and enthusiasts everywhere have been asking begging for its return since then. So far as we know, Toyota is […]

    Bold Ride
  • Final touch on your dream home? Amica Insurance.


    Love your insurance as much as you love your home. Switch and save today by combining Auto + Home for up to a 15% discount. Click for a free quote.

  • Mississippi grand jury clears 3 officers in fatal shooting

    A grand jury has ruled three Mississippi police officers were justified in the fatal shooting of a 37-year-old man whose weapon turned out to be a BB gun.

    Associated Press
  • Reporter who added some swagger to the D.B. Cooper legacy comes clean

     Just two weeks after the FBI finally shut down its active investigation of the 45-year-old D.B. Cooper skyjacking case, James Long has come forward to confess his role. “I got the name wrong,” the former reporter said this week, admitting to a cardinal sin in journalism. But he decided to no longer remain quiet while another reporter who died 15 years ago took the blame for turning hijacker Dan Cooper into D.B. Cooper. Long can laugh about it today, and the other reporter died knowing he’d been credited for a scoop that night. The error didn’t hinder the investigation, since neither D.B. nor Dan Cooper was likely the skyjacker’s real name, authorities figured. But let the record show that it

    Los Angeles Times q
  • Watch a lightning-fast robot build a house in just two days

    If the three little pigs had this machine to build their house, the big bad wolf would probably still be starving. Australian company Fastbrick Robotics released a time-lapse video of its commercial brick-laying robotic arm building the shell for a house in a staggering two days -- without ever needing to stop for coffee breaks -- and it's something to behold. The Hadrian X is a 30-meter (98-foot) 3D robotic crane located atop a truck. The machine works fast, really fast, cutting, routing and placing bricks following a 3D computer-aided design model. The navigation system is so precise it allows for accuracy within less than half a millimeter, according to the company. The robot can work with

    CNET q
  • Cher Fans Mourning


    Cher fans were upset over the confusing hashtag mix-up that occurred on Twitter.

  • Hillary Clinton has a huge lead over Donald Trump in one of the most consequential swing states

    A poll released Thursday showed Hillary Clinton with a massive lead over Donald Trump in...

    Business Insider

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