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Mar 3, 2015

Pisces (change)
It's not the best time for you to try to influence your peers -- they're all lost in their own worlds. It may be a good time for you to hunker down and handle your own issues first and foremost.



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  • These Two Teens Aren't Just Sisters -- They're Twins

    When Lucy and Maria Aylmer tell people they are twins, disbelief is one response. The 18-year-olds from Gloucester, U.K. are two of the five children born to their Caucasian father and half-Jamaican mother, World Wide Features reports. While their other siblings have a blend of features from their parents, Lucy and Maria are opposites: Lucy has...

    Huffington Post q
  • Best Laptops in 2015 :Yahoo Trending Search


    Now is the best time to find a deal on a gaming laptop. They’re all on sale - - Go find the perfect one with Yahoo Search!

  • SI Swimsuit model Ronda Rousey defends UFC title in just 14 seconds!

    In an astonishing 14 seconds, Ronda continued her reign as the undefeated UFC champ, winning nine of her last 11 fights (the other two she KO'd). Follow SI Swimsuit on Twitter. 8. Buy a copy of SI Swimsuit 2015 online now! 9. Tweet your love to your favorite SI Swimsuit model.

    SI.com q
  • Brownstone Singer’s Death Caused by Bizarre Accident After Cutting Throat on Wine Glass

    Details emerged on Monday in the death of Brownstone singer Charmayne “Maxee” Maxwell, who died on Friday after falling on a shattered wine glass and cutting her throat. He called 911 and she was rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital where she died from her wounds, reported the LA Times.

    The Wrap
  • Teacher found hanged in Southern California high school classroom

    A teacher was found hanged to death in a Southern California high school classroom when students arrived on Monday, police and fire officials said, in what was being investigated as an apparent suicide. Jillian Jacobson, a 31-year-old photography teacher, was found by students in a classroom at El Dorado High School in Placentia, about 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Los Angeles, said Lieutenant Eric Point of the Placentia Police Department. He said that Jacobson, who was married, did not leave a suicide note in the classroom. Jacobson was found hanging in the classroom when students who arrived for Monday morning classes found the door locked and asked a teacher to let them in, according to police and fire officials.

  • Here's How Much the Typical American Made Last Year, By Age and Sex -- How Do You Compare?

    Saving while you're young makes a big difference, but here's why that's still tough for many.

    Motley Fool q
  • 12 Things Every Woman Does But Will Never Admit To


    Girls have a fair share of habits that no one ever admits too. Let's shine some light on these, shall we? Guys: pay attention!

  • Look! Cindy Crawford, 49, Steps Out in Malibu Without Makeup

    Cindy Crawford's still got it. The supermodel stepped out in Malibu on Feb. 26—less than a week a...

    E! Online q
  • Is This The Shape Of Russia's Next Generation Long-Range Bomber?

    While America's aerospace industry is hard at work creating the USAF's next generation bomber, Russia has a similar ongoing program known as the the PAK-DA. This requirement has now changed drastically as it is now confirmed that the PAK-DA will be a subsonic aircraft, with a design more focused on long-range and heavily payload lifting capabilities than anything else.

    Foxtrot Alpha q
  • LOOK: J.J. Watt's cabin in the 'middle of nowhere' is insane

    Back in January, the only thing we knew about J.J. Watt's log cabin was that it was made of logs and it was a cabin. We also learned that the cabin was "minimalistic" because that's what Watt said when he bought the place. Apparently though, Watt has a slightly different definition of minimalistic than the rest of us. First, let's take a look in the log cabin office below, where there's a Brett Favre jersey hanging.

    CBS Sports q

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