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Aug 31, 2015

Virgo (change)
Your spiritual curiosity is growing by leaps and bounds today, while your current metaphysical interests take on greater significance. Subtle changes are occurring in your energy field now, even if th...



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  • Justin Timberlake Responds to Kanye West's Big MTV VMAs Diss

    Looks like Justin Timberlake is changing his tune about Kanye West. The 38-year-old "All Day" rapper called out the "Mirrors" singer during his epic acceptance speech for his Video Vanguard award at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night, when he recounted a past experience at the GRAMMYs. "The contradiction is that I do fight for artists but in that fight, somehow, was disrespectful to artists, " Kanye said passionately. "I didn't know how to say the right thing, the perfect thing, I sat at the GRAMMYs and saw Justin Timberlake and CeeLo Green lose. Gnarls Barkley and the FutureSex/LoveSound album, and bro, Justin, I'm not trying to put you on blast but I saw that man in tears, bro. And I was thinking he deserved to win Album Of the Year. And the small box that we are of entertainers of the evening, how could you explain that?" WATCH: Kanye West Admits He's High and Announces His Candidacy for President Not surprisingly, Justin had something to say about that on Twitter. "Kanye is so cute, y'all," the 34-year-old musician first tweeted, before playing off his comment as "jokes." Kanye is so cute, y'all.— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) August 31, 2015 Jokes, you guys... Jokes. #chill— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) August 31, 2015 However, three hours later, Justin tweeted that he actually supported Kanye's message after seeing the speech in full. "Btw... I JUST watched my man 'Ye's FULL speech... He always has a point. And I support it. #truth," he tweeted. Btw... I JUST watched my man 'Ye's FULL speech... He always has a point. And I support it. #truth— Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake) August 31, 2015 This isn't the first time Justin and Kanye have publicly called one another out. In March 2013, Kanye made it known that he wasn't a fan of Justin's "Suit & Tie" hit with rapper Jay Z. "I got love for Hov, but I ain't f**kin' with that 'Suit & Tie,'" he said during a concert in London. Justin later responded during his performance of the song on Saturday Night Live, changing up the original lyric of, "S**t so sick got a hit and picked up a habit," to "My hit's so sick got rappers acting dramatic." WATCH: Justin Timberlake Closes out Taylor Swift's Final '1989' Show in Los Angeles in Epic Style Watch Kanye's much-talked about VMAs speech -- in which he also admitted he was high and announced his plan to run for president in 2020 -- below:

  • 2015 Mortgage Rates Take Huge Dip - 2.97% APR


    Rates now at 2.97% APR - $225K mortgage for $904/mo. Process is easy & quotes are free! (2.97% APR 5/1 ARM). Calculate new payment now.

  • Whoops! Selena Gomez's Pasties Are Clearly Visible at the 2015 VMAs

    Selena Gomez is taking a note straight from Miley Cyrus' playbook. Well, maybe! The star stepped ...

    E! Online q
  • One of the key arguments against taking Donald Trump's candidacy seriously is evaporating

    Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continues to build momentum, both nationally...

    Business Insider
  • Gold hunters blocked from site of alleged Nazi gold train

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Polish authorities have blocked off a wooded area near a railroad track after scores of treasure hunters swarmed southwest Poland looking for an alleged Nazi gold train.

    Associated Press
  • The Redskins have benched Robert Griffin III, and it looks as if he's done in Washington

    Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III's preseason seems to be getting worse by the...

    Business Insider
  • Stocks That Could Make Investors a Fortune In 2015


    Penny stocks might be the key to getting rich in a recession. Smart investors are buying their dream homes using this penny stock secret.

  • WATCH: Python Fights King Cobra On Singapore Street

    It was an unlikely setting for such a battle: a college campus in the concrete jungle that is Singapore. But the two combatants seemed oblivious to the terrifying strangeness of the scene. Python versus

    The Huffington Post q
  • The Parents Television Council wasn't happy with Miley Cyrus' VMAs wardrobe malfunction

    The VMAs are no friend to the Parents Television Council, which has slammed the MTV awards show in previous years. After Sunday’s broadcast the PTC released a statement accusing MTV of “perpetual blatant sexualization,” and chastised the network for host Miley Cyrus’ discussion of marijuana and her wardrobe malfunction, which occurred during a candid backstage moment. “MTV had an opportunity to use its powerful VMA platform to stir a young audience to aspire to something positive and uplifting. Instead they chose to perpetuate blatant sexualization – much of it self-inflicted by the artists – and to celebrate the use of illegal drugs,” PTC President Tim Winter said in a statement.

    Entertainment Weekly q
  • One year and counting: Mars isolation experiment begins

    Six people shut themselves inside a dome for a year in Hawaii, in the longest US isolation experiment aimed at helping NASA prepare for a pioneering journey to Mars. In a place with no animals and little vegetation around, they closed themselves in at 3:00 pm Hawaii time (0100 GMT Saturday), marking the official start to the 12-month mission. Crew member Sheyna Gifford described the team as "six people who want to change the world by making it possible for people to leave it at will," she wrote on her blog, LivefromMars.life.


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  • To Do Today: Frank “Scooby” Sirius, Spread Love, and Coming In

    D.C.’s Frank “Scooby” Sirius —best known for playing guitar with a credit card as a pick and singing with groups like the Chuck Brown Band and Team Familiar (formerly Familiar Faces )—has also spent the last six years developing his own R&B career.

    Washington City Paper 11 mins ago
  • CASD renews construction manager contract — with criticism

    Chambersburg School directors approved a new contract last week for Construction Manager Kevin Weller, boosting his base salary to $92,868. In 2014-2015 Weller earned $88,954. The starting salary in his previous contract, that began Dec. 1, 2013, and expires Nov. 30, 2015, was $85.863. It increased to $88,954 following a performance evaluation.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 24 mins ago
  • Md. teachers union launches campaign against over-testing

    ?Less Testing, More Learning? began Monday

    Washington Post 25 mins ago

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