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  • Gay Kentucky Basketball Player Comes Out At A Game, Gets Chased By Opposing Team

    "Hey No. 3, I hear you're a faggot."It was the last thing Dalton Maldonado expected to hear as he and his team lined up to shake hands at a Kentucky high school basketball tournament last December. His Betsy Layne High School team had just gotten thrashed by an opposing team, 73-41. The oppo was a staple of the state's top 25 this year;...

    Huffington Post q
  • 1 LIE About Diabetes Meds


    Here's the ugly truth about diabetes medication your doctor will never tell you.

  • Small Wonder: Girl Born With An 'Elephant Trunk' Deformity Being Worshipped For Bearing Resemblance With Lord 'Ganesha'

    A baby girl born with a facial deformity is being worshipped as god in an Indian village. The deformity looks similar to an elephant's trunk, and doctors are suspecting that it might be because of a rare genetic mutation. The little girl's facial deformity is in the form of a lump between both her eyes that has resulted in the division of her nose into two parts.

    International Business Times AU q
  • Alabama Baby Born Without a Nose, Mom Says He's Perfect

    Eli Thompson came into this world in the late afternoon of March 4, perfectly healthy, but with one distinction -- he didn't have a nose. "The day I delivered, everything went fine," mom Brandi McGlathery told ABC News today. McGlathery said that her doctor sat beside her bed to explain to her what was wrong with Eli. Although her baby showed no signs of additional abnormalities, McGlathery said she was at first shocked and upset to hear the news from her doctor.

    Good Morning America
  • Here's what happened when I drank a green smoothie instead of coffee every morning for a week

    My weekday mornings are like clockwork....

    Business Insider
  • 2015 GMC Canyon grows larger and better

    The GMC Canyon pickup truck is sizable, powerful, capable and attractively styled for 2015, but it's still smaller than a full-size, half-ton truck.

    Associated Press
  • What is an Annuity?


    May be your key to guaranteed retirement income. Get your free quote.

  • Jennifer Lawrence And Bradley Cooper Giving Their Relationship A Go For Real

    They’ve been together on screen for four years and four films, but now Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are enjoying time together off screen and taking their relationship to the next level.

    OK! Magazine q
  • Indiana woman jailed for “feticide.” It’s never happened before.

    When Purvi Patel showed up in the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center’s maternity ward, bleeding and showing a protruding umbilical cord, Dr. Kelly McGuire immediately knew something was wrong. “There should have been a baby at the end of the umbilical cord,” he testified in an Indiana court room. Informed that officials were heading to her home, Patel told her doctors that she’d had a miscarriage and had left her stillborn fetus in a dumpster behind a shopping center. The verdict makes Patel the first woman in the U.S. to be charged, convicted and sentenced for “feticide” for ending her own pregnancy, according to the group National Advocates for Pregnant Women (“NAPW”).

    Washington Post q
  • Katy Perry Shows Off Super Short Hair: 'I Asked for the Kris Jenner'

    That's a lot to cut, Katy Perry! The "Roar" singer debuted a vastly different 'do on Instagram, writing, "asked for the Kris Jenner." NEWS: Katy Perry's 'Undiagnosed Insanity' and More Riotous FCC Complaints About the Super Bowl Wait a second... big announcement....April Fool's Day.... is this a prank, Katy? Are you lying to us like the rest of the Internet?! One one hand, the 30-year-old pop star is well known to experiment with her hair... But it is this day of all days... NEWS: April Fool's! The 14 Best Pranks of 2015 IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TELL WHAT IS REAL TODAY. Don't mind us we'll just be over here questioning everything. We will have an update when we know what is real. Watch a sneak peek of Katy Perry performing "Legendary Lovers" on her world tour.


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