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May 31, 2016

Gemini (change)
You are ready to launch into the future right now, and there isn't much that can stand in your way. The pioneering Aries Moon energizes your 11th House of Friends and Wishes, encouraging you to think ...

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  • Lea Michele Frolics in Teeny Bikinis Over Memorial Day Weekend

    The 'Scream Queens' star is really good at vacation.

    Entertainment Tonight
  • Beauty and Convenience in Stafford


    Southgate - an enclave of single-family homes, from the mid $300s, amongst rolling hills and mature trees, two miles to the VRE, I-95, Routes 1 and 17

  • Man Charged With Manslaughter After Beating Wife's Would-Be Rapist to Death: Cops

    Police say Mamadou Diallo, 61, killed a man who intruded into their Bronx, New York apartment Monday evening.

    Inside Edition
  • Las Vegas: Say goodbye to mermaids, deep-fried Twinkies on Fremont Street

    Three long-standing attractions in downtown Las Vegas -- Glitter Gulch, La Bayou and Mermaids -- are calling it quits. The down-market venues along the Fremont Street Experience are set to close June 27. The properties have been sold to downtown developers Derek and Greg Stevens, who plan to build a new hotel-casino on the block. Even visitors who have never ventured inside Glitter Gulch will probably remember Vegas Vickie, the neon cowgirl that adorns the exterior. Inside, the so-called Girls of Glitter Gulch are strippers who wear less clothing than the brightly-colored cowgirl-sign outside. Specifics for the new development have yet to be announced. The Stevens brothers already operate two

    Los Angeles Times q
  • Paris Jackson dyed her hair bright blue for prom and it looks incredible

    Prom season is upon us and that means getting choked up at the teenagers looking all grown up in their formal attire. Paris Jackson,…

    Hello Giggles
  • Reporters grill Donald Trump during testy press conference: 'You seem to be resistant to this kind of scrutiny'

    Donald Trump evidently isn't planning on changing his contentious relationship with the press...

    Business Insider
  • Medicare Doesn't Cover All Expenses


    Compare Medicare Plans from Top Carriers and Find a Plan that Does. Get Covered Today!

  • Kristina Hagman on life with dad Larry Hagman: 'We were basically homeless'

    Kristina Hagman had a complicated relationship with her larger-than-life father Larry Hagman, who died in 2012 at the age of 81. In In "The Eternal Party," she writes about her father, who was best known for playing ruthless oil tycoon J.R. Ewing on "Dallas." She spoke to FOX411 about her dad. FOX411: You say you have very few memories of your dad being sober. Kristina Hagman: Yes, that's true. On the other hand, look who is more successful? He was definitely wildly successful in his career and in many ways in his life. He started drinking at a very young age, so he was really good at coping. FOX411: He also loved to smoke pot. Hagman: Yeah, all the time. After he died, I felt like I had been

    Fox News q
  • Witnesses: 'There was nobody getting that baby back from that gorilla'

    Another witness, Tangie Hollifield, told CNN affiliate WCPO that she hugged a member of the child's family and assured him the boy would be saved. "He was just flipping out -- just scared," she said. "The scream from that gorilla, that I have never heard. I don't think that he was hurting him. He was just protecting him." 'It was a mess' The screaming seemed to agitate the 450-pound primate, witnesses said, and the scene quickly deteriorated. The gorilla became more aggressive and was seemingly determined not to free the child, witnesses said. "From what we saw [the child] could have been killed at any second," Bruce Davis, who was with Hollifield, told WCPO. "He threw him 10 feet in the air,

    CNN q
  • iPhone 7 will finally fix the one thing everyone hates most about the iPhone

    When Apple releases the iPhone 7 later this year, the company will reportedly address one of the most common and longstanding complaints about its iconic smartphone: a lack of sufficient storage. Indeed, even as the iPhone has become more advanced and sophisticated with each passing year, the entry-level storage capacity on each successive iPhone model has remained frustratingly stagnant at 16GB. For some perspective, consider this: every entry-level iPhone model has featured 16GB of storage since the iPhone 4s, a device released all the way back in 2011. And while 16GB might have been adequate five years ago, it's almost a joke in today's smartphone era where apps can weigh in by the gig and devices can take high-res photos and record storage-hungry video in full 4K. DON'T MISS:  Game of Thrones is falling apart Well, now comes word via IHS Technology analyst Kevin Wang that Apple this year will join the big leagues and will, at long last, up the storage on its entry-level models iPhone from 16GB to 32GB. Originally reported by MobiPicker , the publication claims that Wang has provided accurate information in the past, thereby leading them to conclude that this particular rumor carries more weight than most. If this rumor pans out, it would represent an interesting about-face from Apple. Remember, it was just about a year ago that Apple executive Phil Schiller sat down with John Gruber and defended Apple's somewhat controversial decision to sell 16GB iPhones. As one would expect, Schiller danced lightly around the issue as he argued that storage is not much of an issue these days since most user data can easily be retrieved from the cloud. “The belief is more and more as we use iCloud services for documents and our photos and videos and music,” Schiller explained, “that perhaps the most price-conscious customers are able to live in an environment where they don’t need gobs of local storage because these services are lightening the load.” Schiller also added that the money Apple saves on 16GB iPhones allows it to spend more money on securing advanced components for said devices. These arguments may seem well-reasoned at first glance, but a deeper inspection reveals that they don't hold muster. For starters, cloud computing may be commonplace today, but photos, videos and apps take up more storage than ever before. In other words, keeping gigs upon gigs of data in the cloud just isn't practical for many users. Second, Apple has more money than it knows what to do with, which is to say that it hardly needs to rely upon a 16GB model in order to be able to afford advanced components. All that notwithstanding, this is one Apple rumor that we really hope becomes a reality. Interestingly enough, one other iPhone 7 rumor we spotted just a few weeks ago suggests that Apple will make a 256GB storage option available. And if you missed it for some reason, don't forget to check out this leaked image , which is probably our first ever look at a real iPhone 7.

    BGR News

Ashburn News

  • Woman headed to prison in 6-month-old son's death

    A Richmond woman will spend a year in prison as part of a plea agreement in the death of her 6-month-old son. Sabrina Malick pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and child abuse and neglect on Tuesday. She had faced a felony murder charge in the death of her son, Brendon. As part of the agreement she was sentenced to five years in prison on each count, but the time was suspended on the ...

    NBC 12 Richmond 6 mins ago
  • Man calls Henrico police to tell them he’s been shot

    Police said the scene was under control and there was no public safety concern in the area.

    CBS 6 Richmond 27 mins ago
  • Police investigating shooting at Henrico apartment complex

    Police are working to find out why a man was shot at a Henrico apartment complex on Tuesday afternoon.

    NBC 12 Richmond 29 mins ago

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