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Jan 22, 2018

Aquarius (change)
You seem to be a conversation starter today and are unwilling to patiently wait for others to make the first move. You want all the facts you can get now because you believe knowledge is power. Dont l...

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  • Chelsea Handler shamed a man for wearing a bathrobe in a restaurant — and she was right to do so

    Chelsea Handler's followers are torn as to whether or not wearing a robe outside the comfort of a spa, hotel room, or home is acceptable.

    Yahoo Lifestyle
  • Russian Navy “Exercise” Sure Looks Like a Submarine on Fire

    Video of what the Russian government claims is merely an “exercise” appears to show a submarine on fire. The video, shot in the Russian fear eastern city of Vladivostok, shows a large fire and thick, black smoke close to several moored Russian Navy submarines. The Russian government says the fire was part of a planned exercise, but the fire and smoke look way too close to the submarines for comfort. The video emerged yesterday on Twitter. According to Russia’s Pacific Fleet, the incident was part of “damage control exercises.” The video shows five submarines tied up at Vladivostok, with a raging fire close to the stern of one. Here’s a view of the fire from the opposite direction: The submarine

    Popular Mechanics q
  • Man Who Hopes to Prove the Earth Is Flat in His Homemade Rocket Has a New Launch Date

    It's anyone's guess where "Mad" Mike Hughes gets his nickname, but you may have heard it before. In November of 2017, Hughes announced a plan to ride his home-made rocket into the sky with the ultimate goal of proving that the Earth is flat. Hughes does not believe that the Earth is the shape of a sphere, according to a video released on Friday on his Facebook page.

  • Megyn Kelly Trashed by Rosie O’Donnell as ‘Spineless Wanna Be Barbie’ for Jane Fonda Spat

    Megyn Kelly took Jane Fonda to the woodshed Monday on “Today” after the 80-year-old actress criticized the NBC News morning show host for a plastic surgery question the journalist posed months ago. Rosie O’Donnell, for one, was not impressed with Kelly’s comeback, which basically focused on Fonda’s very public anti-Vietnam War stance. Read 15 more highly unsupportive (to Kelly) tweets below — some of which were in direct response to O’Donnell.

    The Wrap
  • Teenage Boy Dies After Surgery to Remove Giant Tumor From Face

    Emanuel Zayas’ death ended the teenager’s 12-year battle with a rare illness known as polyostotic fibrous dysplasia. "Our condolences and prayers for Emanuel's family and the loss of a very brave young man," said Dr. Robert E. Marx, a surgeon at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, according to NBC. Zayas and his family’s mission to fight the rare illness brought them from their home in Cuba to the United States.

  • A boy’s basketball-size tumor was slowly killing him. He died days after doctors removed it.

    The basketball-size tumor was finally gone, and the first signs after Emanuel Zayas’s surgery were deceptively encouraging. The 14-year-old’s eyes had begun to react to stimulation. The muscles on his face were strengthening. For a moment, his family, doctors and other supporters exhaled. But inside, the teen was already dying, according to Miami NBC-affiliate WTVJ. Days after the surgery, Emanuel’s lungs began to fail. His kidneys were going, too. Soon, the people praying for the boy brought to U.S. doctors by missionaries came to a sobering truth: There would be no miracle. “After visiting Emanuel last night and observing a glimmer of hope from pupillary reflexes and facial muscle tone, I was

    Washington Post q
  • 'I'm leaving the Democratic Party today': Democrats are infuriated by their own party's deal with the GOP to reopen the government

    Many Democrats are furious with members of their party for agreeing to a deal with Republican senators to reopen the government. These Democrats don't think Republicans will fulfill their promise to vote on replacement legislation for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration program, set to expire on March 5. "Democrats are still not willing to go to the mat to allow people in my community to live in our country legally," Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez said Monday. Many Democrats are incensed about the deal Senate Democrats reached with Republicans on Monday, the third day of a shutdown, to reopen the government. On Monday, a bipartisan group of senators — including 33 Democrats

    Business Insider q

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