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May 28, 2016

Gemini (change)
You can talk your way around nearly anything as long as you aren't swept up in a rising tide of emotions. But once you become attached to a certain outcome, you can't see the myriad of possibilities t...

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  • Soccer Kicks Are Simply Too Brutal And Dangerous In MMA, And Here's Proof

    It took six seconds for Timofey Nastyukhin to win his MMA fight against opponent Rob Lisita today at ONE Championship 43: Kingdom of Champions in Bangkok, Thailand. The Russian fighter caught Lisita with a flush left hook to the temple that dropped his opponent. He then followed up on that with a soccer kick to the head.

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  • Dozens of men took part in the gang rape of a Brazilian teen. Then the video surfaced online.

    The 16-year-old girl arrived at her 19-year-old boyfriend's house in Rio de Janeiro around 1 a.m. last weekend. She remembers being alone with him there. The girl says her next memory is waking up in a different house surrounded by more than 30 men, many of them armed. All, or at least some of them, took part in her rape. Naked, injured and penniless, she found some spare clothes and made her way home, she later said. Her nightmare was far from over. On Wednesday, two of the accused attackers tweeted pictures of her, as well as a 40-second video. The tweets were promptly taken down but not before they accrued hundreds of "likes" and misogynistic comments. In the video, the girl is apparently

    Washington Post q
  • Prom Queen With Severely Burned Skin: 'I Feel Good About Myself'

    Teen Kilee Brookbank, who suffered severe burns from a house fire that nearly killed her, was named prom queen at her high school.

    Rachel Grumman Bender
  • An Alabama mother-of-two was killed by fire ants as she organised her own mothers funeral

    An Alabama woman has been killed by a swarm of fire ants as she prepared for her own mother's funeral. Kayln Rolan from Wetumpka, which is around 15 miles north of Montgomery, was apparently using her mobile phone to organise her mother's funeral whilst sitting on a haystack, when the fire ants came out of it and began attacking her. Kayln's family confirmed that she had a severe allergy to the venom released by fire ants.

    International Business Times UK q
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  • Scientists finally know what stopped Mongol hordes from conquering Europe

    In 1206, Genghis Khan, a fierce tribal chieftain from northern Mongolia, began to take over the world. The khan's ruthless tactics and loyal horde swept across Asia. One territory after another fell under the overwhelming force of the Mongol Empire, which would eventually stretch from the eastern shores of China. A series of successful forays in Hungary and Poland made even Europe seem within reach of conquering. But this unstoppable wave of victories in Europe suddenly ended. Almost as soon as the Mongols set their sights set on Austria, they abruptly returned to Asia. Historians could only guess why until now, since written accounts from the point of view of Mongol military leaders are sparse.

    Business Insider q
  • 10 Perks of Your Costco Membership You Probably Didn't Know About

    If you shop at Costco, you know part of the appeal is exploring all the wacky things on the shelves (like a giant teddy bear). Of course, there's also the discounts that are impossible to beat. But what if we told you those price tags are only the beginning? These are all of the other services you get out from a Costco membership. 1. Take advantage of tech support. Here's a smart reason to buy your next TV at Costco: With all tech purchases at this discount retailer, you get access to an on-call concierge line for free tech support via the phone. No more yelling at the remote the next time your Netflix isn't syncing. 2. Save money with gift cards. "You can buy various gift cards at a discount

    Good Housekeeping q
  • Ben Affleck Wears Eyeliner During Family Outing With Jennifer Garner and Kids -- See the Pic

    Londoners got to see a different side of Ben Affleck during a family outing on Friday.

    Entertainment Tonight

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