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  • Tom Cruise Hasn’t Seen His Daughter Suri For ‘More Than Two Years’

    It has been reported that Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise, hasn’t seen his nine-year-old daughter, Suri, for more than two years. It is believed that the star’s involvement with the controversial Scientology religion has prevented him from seeing his child with ex-wife Katie Holmes for “800 days”. Tom was last seen with Suri in 2012.

    Stephanie Soteriou
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  • Russia is already exacting its revenge on Turkey for downing a Russian warplane

    Just over 24 hours after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane after claiming the jet had violated Turkish airspace, Moscow is already exacting its revenge — albeit subtly. "We're not going to wage a war against Turkey. ... But we will seriously reconsider our agreements with the Turkish government," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a press call on Wednesday, according to The Associated Press. "Our attitude to the Turkish people hasn't changed," Lavrov continued. "We only have questions about the Turkish leadership." Turkey defended its decision to down the plane on Tuesday, contending that the plane was in Turkish airspace and had been warned repeatedly before it was shot down by

    Business Insider q
  • Forget Anonymous — the Mafia Is Ready to Take on ISIS

    "The feds are glad somebody is out there breaking a few legs."

  • Russia retaliates against Turkey over downed plane

    Russia on Thursday stepped up its retaliation against Turkey for the downing of one of its warplanes, tightening controls over Turkish food imports as President Vladimir Putin demanded Ankara apologise. Tensions have soared after Turkish fighter jets shot down the bomber on the Syrian border on Tuesday, leading to the loss of one of two pilots and a soldier who took part in a failed rescue operation, Russia's first combat losses since the start of its Syria campaign. Moscow ruled out any military retaliation against NATO-member Turkey but has struck out at its key tourism and agricultural sectors even as officials in Ankara and the West have sought to put a lid on the dispute.

  • Dad Speaks Out After 'Skittles Party' Leads to Son's Death

    “Skittles parties” may sound innocent, but they are far from it: They’re an alarming trend in which teens raid their parents’ medicine cabinets and dump the prescription and over-the-counter drugs they’ve gathered into a communal bowl. The teens then take handfuls of a random assortment of pills, often with alcohol, to get high. Several teens have overdosed after playing Russian roulette with pills at these parties, which are also known as “pharming parties.” Last month, five high school students in Marin County, California, overdosed after an apparent “Skittles party” and were taken to the hospital. He died from a drug overdose after a “Skittles party” in 2013, just days before he was supposed to head off to college.

    Rachel Grumman Bender
  • 99 Retirement Tips from Ken Fisher


    Tip #18: Beware of Annuities. If you have a $500,000 portfolio, get all 99 tips by downloading “99 Retirement Tips from Ken Fisher”.

  • Rescue Dog Showers Meteorologist with Love

    11/26/2015 Posted by   One day each week, South Florida’s news station NBC 6 features a pet in need of a home.  This segment follows the weather forecast, but one little wigglebutt just couldn’t wait his turn, and surprised the weatherman with a deluge of kisses and tail wags. King of Pooches in Pines was the featured dog on the “Pet of the Week” segment, but he was ready to make his television of appearance ahead of schedule.  He didn’t wait for NBC’s Ryan Phillips to get through his weather report before excitedly jumping up onto the desk. He exuberantly wagged his tail, desperate to give Phillips some kisses.  Flabbergasted, the meteorologist mirthfully rebuffed King’s advances, and tried

    Life With Dogs q
  • Yet another reason it's ridiculous Ray Lewis works for ESPN

    There are, like, 99 problems with Ray Lewis working as an analyst for ESPN and this particular ethics violation totally is one. On Sunday night, one day before commentating on Monday night’s Buffalo-New England game, Ray Lewis gave a pep talk to the Bills, coached by Rex Ryan, Lewis’s former defensive coordinator in Baltimore. The next night, he “analyzed” the game on Monday Night Countdown and said Ryan was a better coach than Bill Belichick (which is sort of like saying AskJeeves is a better search engine than Google — and yes, AskJeeves still exists, I highly recommend going). The pregame speech probably sounded a little something like this and hit all the key points of Ray Lewis speeches:

    For The Win q
  • Charlie Sheen Screamed ‘Don’t Touch My Blood’ After Cutting His Leg Following HIV+ Diagnosis

    Earlier this month, Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen bravely revealed that he is HIV+ and has been for the past four years. Steve started working for Charlie shortly before he was diagnosed and the 34-year-old has now revealed that the actor’s strange behaviour after he cut his leg led him to suspect that something was wrong. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Steve revealed that instead of making light of the graze, Charlie had freaked out, screaming: “Don’t touch my blood, don’t touch my blood!

    Stephanie Soteriou

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