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Feb 11, 2016

Aquarius (change)
Your willingness to let go of your personal agenda makes it relatively easy to interact with others today. However, those close to you might have their own ideas about how you should conduct your affa...

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  • Colleagues Recall Shock and Horror After Journalist Committed Suicide on Live TV: 'I Didn't See the Gun'

    The morning of her death, WXLT-TV talk show host Christine Chubbuck appeared in good spirits. The stylishly dressed 29-year-old arrived early for her morning talk show, Suncoast Digest, in Sarasota, Florida, and asked that her live broadcast be recorded. Although the request was unusual, technical director Linford Rickard didn't think much of it.

  • Kid sleep troubles email series for moms


    We get it. We’ve been there. Sign up for our email track to learn how to handle kids who won’t go to sleep or won’t stay in bed.

  • Finally A Mom? 6 Photos That Prove 46-Year-Old Jennifer Aniston Is Pregnant With Justin Theroux’s Baby!

    Jennifer Aniston showed off her va-va-voom cleavage on the Zoolander red carpet, but all eyes were on another bump! The 46-year-old actress displayed a tiny baby bump at the movie’s premiere in New York City on February 9th. Click through to see photos that prove she’s finally going to be a mother!

    OK! Magazine q
  • Trump’s Shocking Suggestion for What to Do About North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

    New Hampshire voters gave Donald Trump his first victory in the Republican presidential primary on Tuesday, and less than 12 hours later he fed red meat to the most radical among them when he speculated about assassinating the leader of North Korea on live television. Whether it’s theater or Trump’s version of throwing darts at what he calls political correctness, Trump is plainly testing the limits of presidential protocol. You can only watch so many rallies where Trump calls for bringing back torture, killing the wives and children of suspected terrorists, and banning all Muslims from entering the country without coming to some conclusions about how he would behave in the White House.

    The Fiscal Times
  • Tiny spider takes on deadly brown snake and wins

    Size doesn't matter in Australia, apparently, as witnessed in what appears to be a tremendous upset in a battle between a spider and a venomous snake. Farmer Patrick Lees captured this image of a deadly brown snake caught up in the web of a daddy long legs. A surprising feat, considering the spider isn't considered to have particularly strong venom, according to the Australian Museum. See also: Make-A-Wish helps kid with big dreams become Iron Boy for a day "When I walked out to the shed on Sunday, I saw this brown snake strung up by a daddy long legs in its web," Lees told Mashable Australia via email. Lees came across the scene on his 10,000 acre (4,047 hectare) farm in Weethalle, in central west New South Wales, where he also runs a Facebook page called The Aussie Farmer. Image: The Aussie Farmer/Facebook "I'd never seen anything like it before. People have this idea that everything in the bush is trying to kill you, but this took it to the next level. I just thought it was a classic Australia moment and had to share it," he said. The snake was dead when Lees found it, measuring 30 centimetres in length (11 inches). It's probably the first time we've seen a spider defeat a much larger opponent. Down Under, they prefer to show up in salad packets and to be indestructible in toilets. Lees said there was no way he could tell whether the daddy long legs spider actually killed the snake with its venom, or if it outsmarted the snake with its web. Either way, it's pretty clear who the champion is in this not-so-lopsided battle. (h/t ABC News)

  • Teresa Giudice Gets Candid About the First Time She Had Sex With Husband Joe After Prison

    The reality star opened up on 'WWHL' about her post-prison sex life and her husband's upcoming sentence.

  • Banks Are Worried Homeowners Will Do This.


    Homeowners are surprised and furious. If you owe less than $625,000 on your home, you better read this.

  • Mark Cuban: Definitely Do Not Vote for This Candidate

    The New Hampshire primary added another dramatic turn to the 2016 presidential race, with candidates running on anti-establishment platforms trouncing more moderate challengers. Real estate mogul Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner, took 35 percent of the vote, more than twice that of the second-place finisher, Ohio governor John Kasich. Meanwhile, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders received a whopping 60 percent of Democrats' votes, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton--the narrow victor in last week's Iowa caucuses--finishing a distant second. Well-known entrepreneurs took to Twitter and other platforms to voice their opinions about the primary results and their thoughts on what's

    Inc Magazine q
  • Rumor Roundup: Titus O'Neil suspension, WrestleMania 32 main event plans, more!

    Speculating on the rumors surrounding pro wrestling is a favored pastime of many fans, perhaps second only to actually watching the matches. In this daily column, we take a look at the latest rumors being churned out by the pro wrestling rumor mill. Important reminder: Rumors are just that -- rumors. None of this has been confirmed as legitimate news or fact, it's just circulating around the pro wrestling rumor mill. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt. Rumors for the Day: According to Wrestling Observer Live, Titus O'Neil was suspended because Vince McMahon wanted to "send a message" to the locker room to be professional. Apparently there have been issues with wrestlers not following

    Cageside Seats q
  • Best Friend Is Ready For More Than A Simple Kiss Goodnight

    DEAR ABBY: "Roger" and I have been seeing each other for two years. (We are both 50.) He is very handsome. We go to movies, ride our bikes together, work out at the gym and attend other events. He calls me every night, sends emails during the day -- even calls me when he's on a break from work. He never asks me to pay for anything and sends me flowers on special occasions. He will kiss me goodnight, but he has never held my hand or been affectionate in any other way. People we see think we're married or seriously dating and have asked about it. ...

    Dear Abby

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