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Nov 27, 2015

Sagittarius (change)
You are often happiest heading out on your own, but now you may desire a sidekick while running even the simplest of errands. The many-sided Gemini Moon shines in your 7th House of Partners, opening y...



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  • Russia's Premeditated Incursion

    For all of the discussion of the shooting down of a Russian bomber by the Turkish Air Force one important fact seems to have been overlooked. If you study a map of the border region in which the event occurred it seems fairly obvious that Russian military planners realized before they ordered the mission that a violation of Turkish airspace was...

    Huffington Post q
  • It s Not a Phone, It s a Galaxy: Dual-Edge Display


    With the dual-edge display on the Galaxy S6 edge and edge+, beauty has no bounds. It s not a phone, it s a Galaxy.

  • Insensitive CBS Shows Tony Romo's Wife Crying After Cowboys QB Injured

    When Tony Romo hit the turf Thursday with what appeared to be another broken collarbone, the AT&T Stadium crowd fell silent. Then, for some unbelievable reason, CBS decided to pan a camera toward Candice Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback’s wife. Her reaction was pained, to say the least. These are just fantasy football players to most fans, but to their families, they’re husbands, fathers, brothers, cousins, loved ones. Tony Romo’s second major injury of the season had to be heartbreaking for his family, especially his wife, who explained before the game that the family planned to order pizza for Thanksgiving dinner. Candice Romo told The Dallas Morning News: “Tony likes to go rewatch the

    New England Sports Network q
  • Utah man passes airport security with stolen boarding pass

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A sex offender with a stolen boarding pass got through airport security in Salt Lake City and checked in at a gate for a flight to California before he was caught earlier this month, authorities have disclosed.

    Associated Press
  • UFOlogist claims he’s spotted a gigantic Martian rodent in Curisotiy rover footage

    If there is one thing I cannot imagine doing, it’s obsessively combing over footage beamed back to Earth from NASA’s Curiosity rover to search for signs of Martian life, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. However there’s an entire cult of people on the Internet that spend their days doing just that and one of them has spotted what he says might be a gigantic mouse on the surface of the Red Planet. FROM EARLIER: The ultimate Black Friday 2015 guide: Everything you need to know YouTube channel ArtAlienTV has posted footage of Mars showing us “a possible very large mouse or other rodent on Mars in Gale Crater sitting on a ridge plain as day.” Here is what the space rodent looks

    BGR News
  • Bodyshamed Mother Inspires Other Women To Proudly Share Pics Of Their Mum Bods

    New mum Mel Rymill was told she must “obviously” want to lose her baby weight by her personal trainer. A mum who was told she must “obviously” want to lose her baby weight, has kick-started a trend of women baring their mum bods on social media. Mel Rymill, from Australia, garnered support after posting a candid photo and story online.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance


    Looking for a policy? Liberty Mutual could help you save on home insurance. Start your quote today.

  • Best Buy Just Unveiled Its Crazy Black Friday Deals, and Some Are Available Now!

    Black Friday should now be called Black November, as multiple big retailers have chosen to roll out deals weeks before Thanksgiving. Best Buy has unveiled its Black Friday deals — some of which are available now. Shoppers have online access to the eight deals already available and can preview the many more that will be up for grabs on Thanksgiving Day (doors open at 5 p.m.) and the weekend after. Deals available now include: Up to $125 off iPad Air 2 $250 Best Buy gift card with any Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, or S6 edge+ smartphone with installment billing purchase or lease and activation Toshiba 55-inch LED TV for $349.99 Insignia 40-inch LED TV for $159.99 Insignia 2.1 soundbar for $99.99

    PopSugar q
  • Why Don’t We Eat Turkey Eggs?

    Americans will eat tens of millions of turkeys this Thanksgiving. In 2012, Explainer asked why we eat turkey meat but not turkey eggs. The original article is reprinted below: Americans will dine on white and dark turkey meat this Thanksgiving, with some using the giblets for stuffing. Still, even on turkey day, most people will start their morning with chicken eggs. Why are turkey eggs so unpopular? Because they’re expensive. Chicken hens are egg-laying dynamos, dropping one almost every day, while a turkey produces only about two per week. Chickens begin laying eggs at about five months of age, but turkeys don’t have their first cycle until more than two months later. Commercial egg producers

    Slate Articles q
  • DoorDash, a food-delivery startup that's rumored to be raising at a $1 billion valuation, has some shady instructions for its delivery workers

    DoorDash, a two-year-old startup that lets you buy meals from local restaurants on demand, is...

    Business Insider

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