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Oct 9, 2015

Libra (change)
It's time to get to work and set things right, especially if you didn't accomplish all that you intended over the past three weeks while chatty Mercury retrograded in your sign. You're finished talkin...



News For You

  • The Kardashians ‘Draw Up $20 Million Contract To Silence Scott Disick’

    The Kardashian family are believed to be drawing up a $20 contract to buy Scott Disick’s silence and prevent him from revealing any of their secrets since his split from Kourtney. It’s been reported that the family are growing increasingly worried that Scott might be tempted to spill the beans in the light of his recent partying and erratic behavior. “Scott’s just gone from bad to worse,” a source told Radar Online.

    Amy Nickell
  • Investment Technology Does the Heavy-lifting.


    Introducing Schwab Intelligent Portfolios . While you focus on your work-life balance, it rebalances your portfolio, automatically.

  • John Goodman Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss

    ‘Roseanne’ star John Goodman was pictured at the premiere of ‘Trumbo’ last night displaying a dramatically thinner figure.

    Yahoo Movies UK
  • Spider Bite Leaves Man Fighting For His Life As Flesh Starts To Rot

    Orlando Jimenez Jimenez (pictured above, before and after) was using an outside toilet in Islay when the arachnid fell on him and bit his left ear. The 31-year-old, nicknamed Chamo, was rushed to Honorio Delgado Espinoza hospital in Arequipa.

    Lee Morán
  • Jeremy Lin has a cool bowl cut now

    Wesley Johnson of the @LAClippers & @JLin7 of the @Hornets catch up in Shenzhen. #NBAGlobalGames pic.twitter.com/i2q2sJtSdL— NBA (@NBA) October 9, 2015

    SB Nation q
  • A Legal Loophole May Have Cost This Woman Her Life

    From the outside looking in, Monica Weber-Jeter was far from isolated. The 35-year-old kept busy with five school-aged children, and worked at a bustling oncology clinic as a medical assistant. Her mom, her two older sisters and her identical twin sister all lived within a 10-mile radius of her home in North College Hill, Ohio, which she shared with her childhood sweetheart. The sisters each had their own rapidly expanding families, and weekends were punctuated with kids’ birthday parties and play dates. But in many ways, Weber-Jeter was entirely alone. In interviews, family members describe Weber-Jeter as becoming increasingly distant and secluded in the last year of her life. Something was

    The Huffington Post q
  • Win the Race in 48 Weeks.


    Motorcycle Mechanics Institute s technician program puts you on the fast track.

  • Couple Release A Bit TOO Much Information On Their Facebook Engagement Photo

    A woman who was so deliriously happy at getting engaged to her boyfriend didn’t check the Facebook photo before posting it - and let something MAJOR slip. Miranda Levy did what any other bride-to-be did and shared a picture of herself with her man - and her new engagement ring. Even though it wasn’t a real ring, Miranda said she was happy “regardless of material things”. Ecstatic that she was marrying “the love of her life” Miranda added that she felt “truly blessed”.

    Andy Wells
  • Party Guest Feels Singled Out By Subtle, 'Special' Treatment

    DEAR ABBY: I was invited to a small gathering of women. I arrived punctually, was greeted by the hostess and asked if I wanted some water to drink. I accepted. As I looked around the room, everyone else had a glass of wine. When one other woman arrived a little while later and joined our group, the hostess asked her if she wanted wine or water to drink.I have never abused alcohol. Why was I not given a choice? I later found out that all the other women had been given a "show up" time that was a half-hour earlier than my "show up" time. I am hurt by the way I was treated. ...

    Dear Abby
  • Ben & J.Lo Affair Amid Jennifer Garner Divorce? Reportedly, Exclusive 'Home Videos' Show Former Couple Hot-Tubbing

    Every other day, a new rumor pops up about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce. One day sources say they're on; the next day, they're off again. Enter J.Lo and things get complicated, big time. This latest bombshell (presuming it's true) about the estranged couple may put the nail in their marriage coffin for sure. A shocking report from the National Enquirer suggests home videos of Ben and Jennifer Lopez emerged, leaked -- whatever you want to call it -- that show them making out. If you're teetering on disbelief, you're likely in good company. The tabloid dropped the bomb Wednesday in a post that claims to have exclusive information from tipsters about incriminating videos, starring Ben

    Starpulse q

Business News

Ashburn News

  • YouTube star Rachel Bloom is CW's 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The music video star is dressed right, in a low-cut catsuit that leaves little to the imagination. But her body language, as guided by the director, is somehow off.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 4 mins ago
  • Fourth suspect charged in July Ashburn home invasion

    The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office on Thursday arrested a fourth suspect believed to be involved in a July home invasion robbery in Ashburn.

    Loudoun Times-Mirror 10 mins ago
  • A reckless life as rocker -- and media figure -- for Hynde

    NEW YORK (AP) — She may be 64 now, but Chrissie Hynde is still one tough rock 'n' roller. She proved that once again this week when a simmering controversy over a passage in her new memoir blew up in a hostile interview with a National Public Radio reporter.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 19 mins ago

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