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Mar 29, 2015

Aries (change)
You're all about that action today -- so mix it up and make real progress toward an important goal. It's not all work, though! As long as you keep moving you should have lots of fun too.



News For You

  • How To Be Sexy: 7 Weird (But True) Rules Of Attraction

    Tossing your hair and licking your lips? Please—amateur night! There are more surprising (and effective) ways to be utterly seductive.

    Yahoo Health
  • The Only 10 Foods You Need To Lose Weight


    Click here to review 10 foods that will help you lose weight and be in the best shape of your life.

  • Joe Biden’s Israel stunner: American Jews should let Israel protect them

    The Constitution, which the vice president is sworn to uphold, guarantees to American citizens the “Blessings of Liberty” and equal protection of the law. Despite that, despite “how deeply involved” Jews “are in the United States,” the occupant of the second-highest office in the land believes that American Jews should look to a foreign government as the foundation of their rights and security. It’s like some crazy fiction from Philip Roth, except that when Roth contemplated an exodus in “Operation Shylock,” it was to imagine the Jews fleeing Israel for Poland.

    Salon.com q
  • Ex-CFO who slammed Chick-fil-A now on foodstamps

    Man who slammed restaurant chain in video that went viral has been out of work ever since.

  • Bikini-Clad Britney Spends Spring Break With Her Sons

    Britney Spears' spring break vacation was family-friendly. The pop icon hit the beaches of Hawaii with her sons, 9-year-old Sean Preston and 8-year-old Jayden James. Spears shared adorable snapshots from the trip with her 41 million Twitter followers over the weekend: AL-O-HA! 🌴 pic.twitter.com/s6l13q7d4g— Britney Spears (@britneyspears)...

    Huffington Post q
  • Carrie Underwood Shares First Real Shot of Adorable Baby Son Isaiah, Says He Wants to Be a Hockey Player: Pic

    Carrie Underwood shared the first full shot of her baby son Isaiah on Sunday, March 29, and said he wants to play for the Nashville Predators like his dad Mike Fisher -- see the adorable pic!

    Us Weekly
  • Finally, a snoring solution that beats CPAP.


    Snoring can cause SERIOUS relationship and health problems. We found the solution. Here's a review of an easy solution for a very difficult problem.

  • Germanwings kamikaze urged pilot to leave cockpit before crash

    Suicidal Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz urged the pilot of their plane to take a bathroom break at 38,000 feet — and then seized the moment to unleash his diabolical plot, black-box recordings reveal. 9525, it was also revealed that the Airbus’s 149 passengers and crew knew for as long as eight terrifying minutes that something dire was going on aboard the doomed aircraft before it crashed, according to the black-box transcripts, reported in the German daily Bild am Sonntag newspaper. The plane had reached its cruising altitude at 38,000 feet Tuesday at 10:27 a.m. when plane Capt. Patrick Sondenheimer instructed Lubitz to prepare for landing in the Barcelona-to-Dusseldorf flight. Sondenheimer had mentioned earlier that he didn’t use the bathroom before they took off from Barcelona, and Lubitz used that fact as the linchpin for his plot, telling the pilot he could go anytime.

    New York Post q
  • How Much Do WWE Wrestlers Get Paid?

    WrestleMania is WWE’s Super Bowl, and this year’s marquee event is particularly star-studded. On Sunday night, 20-year WWE vet Triple H will take on wrestling legend Sting, who steps into a WWE ring for the first time in a career that spans three decades. The Undertaker is back following a shocking loss to Brock Lesnar a year ago, and Lesnar will be in this year’s main event defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It’s an especially pertinent question given the news that Lesnar just signed a new contract with WWE, ending a brief tug-of-war between the pro wrestling promotion and UFC for the former heavyweight champ’s rights.

    Forbes q
  • I Got My Tubes Tied At 28 Because I Don't Want Kids

    Don’t get me wrong: I love kids. They’re hilarious, they’re adorable, and I (mostly) enjoy spending time with them. But without a doubt, I do not want them. And here’s why.

    Yahoo Parenting

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