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Aug 27, 2016

Virgo (change)
Any lingering self-doubt quickly dissipates today as witty Mercury and friendly Venus hang out with buoyant Jupiter. You are truly inspired now as new ideas increase your options and bolster your self...

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  • I Wrote About Giving Up a $95,000 Job to Move to an Island and Scoop Ice Cream. I Wasn't Prepared for the Response.

    I dismantled my life in New York and headed to a place where I knew no one.

  • A woman describes what it's like to be abducted at 22 and spend 7 years as a slave with one of the most ruthless Mexican drug cartels

    Daniela remembers being driven blindfolded through the desert in northern Mexico, thinking she was going to her death. She recalls being told to get out of the van, uncover her eyes, and follow her armed captors into a large house and down into the cellar. She was obliged to watch what was going on, and tried to blank out her mind. It didn't work. She still remembers the scene — about five young women bound to pillars, surrounded by men who had paid a lot of money not just to rape them, but to torture and perhaps kill them as well. Daniela is not her real name. She insists on a pseudonym, because she may have escaped, but the reach of her former captors is long. What she saw that day was just

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  • Kaepernick takes stand by sitting during national anthem

    SANTA CLARA QuarterbackColin Kaepernick made a statement on Friday night when he remained sitting on the teams bench during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner at Levi's Stadium. Kaepernick explained the purpose behind his decision in speaking to Steve Wyche of the NFL Network. "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color," Kaepernick said.

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  • I bought a Costco vacation — here's why the retailer has completely changed how I book travel

    When I told people I was going to Puerto Rico, they were jealous. When I told them I booked the trip through Costco, that jealousy transformed into confusion. "You can buy a vacation through Costco?" I was asked at least a dozen times in recent months.

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  • This text between a daughter and her mom about their cat is too relatable

    Forget the whole favorite child debate. Sometimes the most adored member of the family is actually the cat, which was recetly made clear to aptly named Jenny Katz. Jenny's mother feeds her 17-year-old cat Coco a little bit of ice cream before bed every night. Jenny tells Mashable that this routine started about a year ago after she moved out on her own. But Jenny topped off the last of the ice cream the other day, which means Coco was pissed and so was her mom Debbie.  SEE ALSO: 14 types of text everyone gets from their mom Image: jennmeowmeow Anyone who has ever had a popsicle will understand that it is no substitute for ice cream. Coco knows what's up.  Image: jennmeowmeow Clearly some cat parents out there found her mother's actions towards her cat pretty relatable. Knowing she messed up real bad, Jenny eventually delivered the favorite child Coco her French vanilla ice cream.  "They have such a funny relationship; it's almost as if she loves that cat more than she loves me," Jenny told Mashable in an email.  Regardless, Jenny describes Coco as the "sweetest cat you will ever meet," claiming that she used to be the cat's favorite before her mom stepped up the ice cream game.  "Coco used to love me more than anyone, but she probably loves my mom more now. Only for the ice cream," said Jenny.   [h/t:BuzzFeed]

  • Trump fights breaking out across college campuses

    Michael Straw, a senior at Penn State University, returned to campus this week, put on a crisp blue suit, and walked into a Trump buzzsaw. The president of the school’s chapter of College Republicans had a sense of what he was in for. Less than two weeks before, the group had announced in a Facebook post that they would not endorse Donald Trump after holding an online vote — a move that sparked outrage, including a call from the chairman of the Pennsylvania Federation of College Republicans for Straw to resign. Story Continued Below So when Straw gaveled in the chapter’s first meeting of the school year on Monday, it wasn’t altogether surprising that he was confronted by angry college Trump supporters

  • LOOK: RG3 shows off his new girlfriend at Browns practice in Tampa

    Once you get a girl's name tattooed on your arm, the only logical next step is to show her off to the world and that's what Robert Griffin III did this week. In case you haven't heard, RG3 has a new girlfriend, and as most of you know, when you have a new girlfriend, you should always get her name tattooed on your body as quickly as possible. That way she knows your serious. Of course, the other way she'll know your serious is if you show her off and offer some PDA while you're doing it. Check and check for RG3. The Browns were in Tampa this week for two days of practices with the Buccaneers and the picture above was taken before practice on Wednesday. That's RG3 and his new girlfriend, Grete

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  • 'SOS' in sand leads to rescue of 2 people stranded on island

    A U.S. Navy aircraft crew spotted the pair on the beach and gave their location to the Coast Guard in Guam. The Coast Guard received a report about the couple’s 18-foot vessel going missing on Aug. 19. The U.S. Navy was alerted and spotted the survivors on the beach.

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