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Oct 6, 2015

Libra (change)
A disagreement in a personal or business relationship today raises questions that have no easy answers. Instead of trying to force a resolution, seek common ground instead. Ironically, if you can unde...



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  • 2015 Mortgage Rates Take Huge Dip - 2.97% APR


    Rates now at 2.97% APR - $225K mortgage for $904/mo. Process is easy & quotes are free! (2.97% APR 5/1 ARM). Calculate new payment now.

  • Baby Reportedly Chokes to Death After His Mom Dies While Feeding Him

    Police are investigating the death of a woman and her 1-year-old child, who were both found death inside their Hollywood apartment.

    Inside Edition
  • Stallworth: Brady paid practice squad players if they intercepted him

    Tom Brady is apparently the exact opposite of Ryan Tannehill. On Monday, after Joe Philbin was canned by the Dolphins, a report claimed that Philbin had to tell the practice squad to go easy on Tannehill, in order to get his confidence up. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle reported that Tannehill grew so frustrated after a bout of practice picks that he began trash talking with players on the practice squad. "Enjoy your practice squad paycheck, enjoy your practice squad trophy," Tannehill said, according to Wilson. Now, everyone is apparently digging into the practice habits of other quarterbacks. First up: Brady. According to former NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth, who played with Brady

    CBS Sports q
  • Amal Clooney Flashes the Paparazzi on Date Night With Famous Friends

    The usually buttoned-up lawyer had a fun night out in London on Saturday.

  • US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks

    U.S. counter-terror officials have asked Toyota, the world’s second largest auto maker, to help them determine how ISIS has managed to acquire the large number of Toyota pick-up trucks and SUVs seen prominently in the terror group’s propaganda videos in Iraq, Syria and Libya, ABC News has learned. Toyota says it does not know how ISIS obtained the vehicles and is “supporting” the inquiry led by the Terror Financing unit of the Treasury Department -- part of a broad U.S. effort to prevent Western-made goods from ending up in the hands of the terror group. “We briefed Treasury on Toyota’s supply chains in the Middle East and the procedures that Toyota has in place to protect supply chain integrity,” said Ed Lewis, Toyota’s Washington-based director of public policy and communications.

    ABC News
  • Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling


    You can save $7,500 in tuition when you start classes Oct 12. Request information today!

  • Police rescue pet store owner being crushed by 20-foot python

    NEWPORT, Ky. — The owner of a northern Kentucky reptile store is recovering after police officers pried off a 20-foot python that was crushing the man. Newport police tell local news outlets that owner Terry Wilkens was feeding the snake Monday morning when the 125-pound python attacked. See also: 18-foot-long python captured in Florida could eat a deer According to multiple reports, Wilkens was showing Melissa McElfresh how to feed the snake and clean the cage when it attacked him. She then called 911. "A horror movie in real life is what that was, probably the most scariest thing I've ever seen in my life and I'm still in shock over it," McElfresh told Cincinnati's NBC 5 News. “I saw the snake's

    Mashable q
  • Here's what US intelligence thought could happen to Hitler in 1943

    During WWII the Office of Strategic Services, a precursor to the CIA, hired an American psychologist to analyze and predict the behavior of the world's most brutal tyrant. Murray predicted that Hitler's mental instability would lead to the Nazi leader's downfall. "It can be confidently predicted that Hitler's neurotic spells will increase in frequency and duration and his effectiveness as a leader will diminish," Murray wrote.  Murray predicted nine possible scenarios of what could happen next as of 1943:  1. A revolutionary German group may capture Hitler and imprison him in a fortress Murray noted that this scenario was highly unlikely considering Hitler's "widespread reverence," but if Hitler

    Business Insider q
  • Diners Deliver Scolding Note to Mom and Screaming Toddler

    Most patrons of casual dining chains have likely come to take the presence of rowdy kids in stride, but not two women in Idaho. Annoyed by a screaming child at the next table, diners at a Texas Roadhouse in Boise chose to passive-aggressively deliver a note to air their frustrations, says KTVB. Katie Leach says she was having dinner with her family when her 10-month-old son began yelling excitedly, despite her attempts to quiet him.

    Eater q

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