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Sep 1, 2015

Virgo (change)
Your casual demeanor and cool logic may fool others today. You present one thing on the surface while something much more mysterious is going on behind the scenes. There's another whole world of dynam...



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  • Kylie Jenner's Super Revealing VMAs After-Party Dress Is Out of Control!

    Kylie Jenner sure knows how to make an appearance! The 18-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was the only Kardashian/ Jenner to go for a wardrobe change between the 2015 MTV VMAs and the after-party, and she did it in this show-stopping, revealing, black Balmain dress. PHOTOS: Best and Worst Dressed at the 2015 VMAs Splash News Kylie, Tyga and more of her squad arrived at the Republic Records VMA Afterparty at Ysabel in West Hollywood, California, and judging by this pantless morning after Instagram, the crew had some type of night. The young homeowner was feeling the dress two, repeatedly posting on her Instagram about it, writing, "this dress is bombbb." Kylie was all Balmain all night, and also wore this embellished tan minidress by the designer to the actual awards ceremony. Although it’s not that unusual seeing as Kylie stars in Balmain’s recent ad campaign alongside Kendall. MORE: 22 Questions We Have After Watching the 2015 MTV VMAs Getty Images And don't think the reality star was unaffected by her brother-in-law Kanye West's life-changing VMA speech, that ended in him announcing his presidency in 2020. Kylie put up her support via a meme on Instagram, that read, "Kanye West For President." WATCH: Kanye West Admits He's High and Announces Candidacy for President During VMA Vanguard Acceptance Speech A cause we can all get behind. Meanwhile, while they have been careful about not displaying too much PDA for the paparazzi, Kylie and her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga are all over each other in this NSFW video. WATCH: Kylie Jenner Kisses Tyga in Rapper's PDA-Filled 'Stimulated' Music Video Watch below.

  • Don't Buy An Annuity


    Until You Watch This Video on How Retirees are getting up to 33% more income.

  • Students protest transgender classmate's use of girl's locker room

    Nearly 200 students walked out of a Missouri high school on Monday because Lila Perry was changing in the girl’s locker room. While Caitlyn Jenner and other transgender celebrities have been greeted with almost universal acceptance, the road has been far rockier for transgender individuals such as Perry, the 17-year-old senior who is navigating new terrain at Hillsboro High School.

    Fox News q
  • Russia wants a piece of the possible treasure on the Nazi ghost train

    Russia wants a cut of the stolen loot on the rumored Nazi gold train found near the Czech...

    Business Insider
  • Couple's Viral #DivorceSelfie Shows Us How to Co-Parent Right

    “We’re smiling because we have done something extraordinary (we think anyway!)"

    Yahoo Parenting
  • 'Bizarre,' Human-Size Sea Scorpion Found in Ancient Meteorite Crater

    About 460 million years ago, a sea scorpion about the size of an adult human swam around in the prehistoric waters that covered modern-day Iowa, likely dining on bivalves and squishy eel-like creatures, a new study finds. The ancient sea scorpions are eurypterids, a type of arthropod that is closely related to modern arachnids and horseshoe crabs. The findings — which include at least 20 specimens — are the oldest eurypterid fossils on record by about 9 million years, said study lead researcher James Lamsdell, a postdoctoral associate of paleontology at Yale University.

  • 2015 Mortgage Rates Take Huge Dip - 2.97% APR


    Rates now at 2.97% APR - $225K mortgage for $904/mo. Process is easy & quotes are free! (2.97% APR 5/1 ARM). Calculate new payment now.

  • Twelve-Year-Old Saves Senior Dog Thrown from Moving Vehicle

    When 12-year-old Malory Steiner, of Royalton, New York, saw a garbage bag thrown out a car window she didn’t know what to think, but when she saw the bag move, she knew something was wrong. Thanks to this attentive and responsible young woman, Teddy the senior Pug was saved and is getting medical help. Teddy was taken to a local rescue where he was examined. Now thanks to Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue, Inc., the senior dog cruelly abandoned by his previous owners is getting the help he needs.

    Life With Dogs q
  • Two Guys Go Fishing, Make Catch Of A Lifetime

    Two men out enjoying a day of fishing made the catch of a lifetime over the weekend — one that saved the lives of two unlikely "keepers."

    The Huffington Post q
  • California High School Football Teammates Suffer Mysterious Brain Injuries

    A high school football player in California is hospitalized in critical condition, one of two teammates who suffered brain injuries during a Friday game. Authorities say they are investigating whether drug use among players – particularly the prescription drug Adderall, used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD – may have played a role. The investigation includes a review of game footage and other matters, authorities said.

    Good Morning America 7 mins ago

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Ashburn News

  • Bond author sorry for saying Idris Elba 'too street' for 007

    LONDON (AP) — The author of the new James Bond novel apologized on Tuesday after he said that British actor Idris Elba is "too street" to play 007.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 12 mins ago
  • The top 10 movies on the iTunes Store

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — An animal rights group seeking legal personhood for chimpanzees won't get a hearing in the state's highest court. Full Story "The Solomon Curse" (Putnam), by Clive Cussler and Russell Blake The latest adventure to feature the husband-and- wife archaeological team of Sam and Remi Fargo has an intriguing premise, but ultimately fails in the delivery of thrills.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 12 mins ago
  • Review: Latest Fargo adventure disappoints

    The latest adventure to feature the husband-and- wife archaeological team of Sam and Remi Fargo has an intriguing premise, but ultimately fails in the delivery of thrills.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 13 mins ago

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