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May 25, 2016

Gemini (change)
You're a champion at stepping around emotional sinkholes because you would rather keep things friendly and lighthearted. However, the Moon's conjunction with intense Pluto occurs in your 8th House of ...

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  • Parents Receive Strange Letter About Son Missing Since 1977

    A couple whose teenage son disappeared nearly 40 years ago from Maine has received a mysterious letter about him, rekindling police interest in the case

    ABC News q
  • What kind of chicken is the most delicious?


    Antibiotic-Free and Hormone-free chicken. Taste to believe at your local Clyde’s.

  • Woman Shares Body Transformation Selfie After Losing 200 Lbs. in Less Than a Year

    Having struggled with her weight all her life, a 25-year-old decided it was time to say goodbye to quick-fix diets and overhaul her health and fitness regime.

    Yahoo Beauty Staff
  • Prosecutor: 'Shield' actor taunted wife before killing her

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — An actor who played a police officer on TV was upset because his wife wanted a divorce and taunted her before fatally shooting her in their Los Angeles home while their two young sons watched, a prosecutor told jurors Tuesday.

    Associated Press
  • Costco executives are pouring money into a fast-food chain that's unlike anything in America

    A little-known fast-food chain run by two former Costco executives is about to launch a rapid...

    Business Insider
  • Why This Groom Divorced His Bride After One Day

    A bride’s decision to reply to congratulatory text messages from relatives and friends following her wedding ceremony resulted in the demise of her marriage, Gulf News reports. Apparently, the Saudi groom made an attempt to be intimate with his new wife once they were in their hotel room, but she was engrossed in whatever conversations were happening on her phone, and ignored his advances. “Following the marriage ceremony, the groom took his bride to the hotel where they had booked a room,” an anonymous relative told Al Watan, a Saudi publication. “However, as soon as the bride was in the room, she kept using her mobile. Her groom tried to get closer with her and become more intimate, but he

    madamenoire.com q
  • Beautiful Bedding Starting at $89.99


    From festive to classic patterns, find the perfect bedding for you. Shop now!

  • Mount Everest victims' grueling final hours

    Eric Arnold, a Dutch citizen, died Friday during his descent, having reached the summit in what his team leader described as a "childhood dream." "Tragedy struck our team," expedition leader Arnold Coster said in a post on his blog. "Descending from the summit he became slower and slower and it became clear that something was wrong. His Sherpa who was climbing with him from the beginning requested to send an additional Sherpa up with more supplementary oxygen to help him down," Coster explained, adding that Arnold was able to make it down to the next camp. "We brought him to his tent, gave him more oxygen, lots off drinks and food and it looked like he was recovering," Coster said. But Arnold

    CNN q
  • The New Storm Reached Out To Halle Berry For Advice, It Did Not Go Well

    One reason we’re excited for Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse is because the sequel gives new actors the chance to step into familiar roles that have been played by iconic performers over the years. We’re getting younger versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Storm – X-Men who were part of Singer’s first few X-Men movies, and are getting a unique opportunity to reset because of the events of X-Men: Days of Future Past. That doesn’t mean that the past wants to help the present, however. Sometimes, the past just wants to move on. Or so it seems, for when Alexandra Shipp, the new Storm, reached out to Halle Berry, the original Storm, for some superhero advice, she reportedly didn’t get

    cinemablend.com q
  • Baby Found Dangling Upside Down Inside Drunk Mom's Burning Car After Crash: Cops

    An Ohio mom was arrested on DUI charges after cops say she crashed her car with her 4-month-old inside.

    Inside Edition

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