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Aug 16, 2018

Leo (change)
Some people may attempt to manipulate your behavior by playing on your fears. Although its tempting to get defensive if your domestic security is challenged today, its wiser to take a step back and be...

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  • Prosecutors mulling charges against woman who pushed friend off bridge

    Prosecutors in Washington will consider charging an 18-year-old woman who pushed her teenage friend off a bridge, sending her plummeting 60 feet to the river below and leaving her with multiple injuries, officials said Tuesday. Clark County Major Crimes unit investigators wrapped up their probe of the incident that occurred earlier this month at the Moulton Falls Bridge near Vancouver, Washington, and are turning over their findings to prosecutors, said Brent Waddell, a spokesman for the Clark County Sheriff's Office. "The case will be forwarded to the Clark County Prosecutor's Office for appropriate charging," Waddell said in a statement.

    ABC News
  • Police identify teenager who pushed friend off 60-foot-tall bridge

    The Clark County Major Crimes Unit in Washington state has completed its investigation into an incident caught on camera in which a teenager is shown pushing her friend off a 60-foot-tall bridge into a river.

    Yahoo View
  • Rob Gronkowski, who hasn't touched his NFL money in 8 years, finally splurged on his first 'luxury'

    "I've gotta finally treat myself," NFL veteran Rob Gronkowski realized. "It's been eight years."

  • Mom who threw son $25,000 Dubai-themed prom party, complete with camel, is charged with fraud

    Saudia Shuler was charged with six counts of wire fraud, one count of theft of government funds, and two counts of Social Security fraud, according to CBS Philly.

    Yahoo Lifestyle
  • Omarosa Claims Melania Trump Can't Wait to Divorce the President: She's 'Counting Every Minute'

    Omarosa's Book Claims Melania Trump Wants to Divorce Donald Trump

  • American 21-year-old becomes the youngest person in the US to have a face transplant

    An American woman has become the youngest person in the US to receive a face transplant, after shooting herself in the face in an attempted suicide when she was 18. Katie Stubblefield, now 22, is featured on the front cover of this month’s National Geographic, guest edited by former model and campaigner Katie Piper. In March 2014, depressed and suffering from a series of medical problems, she shot herself in the face with her brother Robert’s rifle at his home in Tennessee. Mr Stubblefield said he found her covered in blood, with her face “gone.” The bullet tore through her forehead, nose, sinuses, jaw bones and badly damaged her eyes. Surgeons responsible for saving her life in Memphis attempted to cover her facial wound using a tissue graft from her abdomen, but failed, and she arrived at the Cleveland Clinic with “her brain basically exposed.” The September issue of National Geographic Credit: National Geographic Miss Stubblefield underwent 22 different operations to try and repair the damage, but doctors were unable to satisfy their patient, who was in despair, and referred to her face as Shrek. “Things happen in life that shatter us to pieces,” said her father, Robb. “But it’s where we go from there.” After three years of waiting, and after two potential donors fell through, a donor was found. Adrea Schneider, a 31-year-old woman who had recently died from a drug overdose, was a registered organ donor. Her grandmother Sandra Bennington gave consent for the donation, and Miss Schneider’s heart, lungs, kidneys and liver were also donated to other patients - saving at least seven lives across the US. In May 2017 Miss Stubblefield underwent a 31-hour surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Adrea Schneider, whose face was donated to Miss Stubblefield Credit: National Geographic becoming the 40th person in the world known to have received a new face. The youngest person ever to receive a face transplant is believed to be a Turkish man, Ugur Acar, who was 19 when he was operated on in 2012, to provide him with a new face after being badly burnt in a house fire when he was a baby. Dr Brian Gatsman, who oversaw a team of 15 specialists, and said the bullet that hit Miss Stubblefield caused a traumatic brain injury and severely impacted her hormones and sodium levels, as well as frontal lobe function. His team helped create a nasal passage for Miss Stubblefield, as well as patch her face and form jawbones using her fibula calf bone and titanium.  They moved her eyes closer together with a device that had to be tightened daily, and took part of her thigh and Achilles tendon to help cover the wounds. Her surgery was paid for by the US department of defence through the armed forces institute of regenerative medicine, in an effort to improve treatment for service members who are wounded in battle and come back with similar injuries.  Katie Stubblefield with her father Robb and mother Alesia Credit: National Geographic “Her injury may have been the worst injury of any face transplant injury ever,” he said.  “We can’t necessarily make all of her muscles move again. Her tongue is not working well because she lost a lot of tongue muscle and nerves.” But, he added, the team were delighted with the outcome. “We all like her nose,” he said. “Her lips are pretty.” Ms Bennington, the donor's grandmother, has recently met Miss Stubblefield, telling the young woman: “You look beautiful.” She said she could see elements of her granddaughter, but that the face was truly Miss Stubblefield’s. Fourteen months after the procedure, in July this year, her doctors had completed three major revision surgeries and are still likely to slim her face, reduce scarring, and improve her eyelids. Over time her face will continue to regain function. “I get a second chance at life now,” she said. “This is the beginning of another chapter.” September's issue of National Geographic is guest edited by Katie Piper, the philanthropist, television presenter and former model.

    The Telegraph
  • 'America's Got Talent' Fans Are Taking Issue With Courtney Hadwin After Discovering Her Past

    If there's one person who brought down the house Tuesday night during the first round of America's Got Talent live shows, it was Courtney Hadwin. The 14-year-old soul singer floored everyone with her explosive rendition of James Brown's "Papa Got a Brand New Bag." At the end of her song, all four judges — Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Mel B — were on their feet. Simon, so elated with Howie for choosing her as his golden buzzer, even came over to give the Deal or No Deal host a big bear hug and suggest that the two begin a record label together. While the majority of fans seem to agree with the judges, some are now bringing to light the fact that Courtney has competed on a major

    Good Housekeeping q
  • Teen who pushed friend off bridge could face charges

    VANCOUVER, Wash. — Police say they’ve finished an investigation into an incident in which a 16-year-old girl was hurt when she was pushed off a bridge and fell 60 feet into water in Washington state. The Columbian reported Tuesday that the Clark County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit was forwarding the case to the prosecutor’s office for possible charges. The sheriff’s office identified the suspect as 18-year-old Taylor Smith and said she’s cooperating with investigators. Smith is suspected of pushing Jordan Holgerson off the bridge Aug. 7 at Moulton Falls northeast of Vancouver, Washington. Video that was posted on YouTube and later removed shows Holgerson standing on the bridge with friends.

    New York Post q

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