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Dec 15, 2017

Sagittarius (change)
Your charm enables you to turn a difficult situation around in record time. However, you must believe your sales pitch before you try to convince anyone else. It may be nearly impossible to discern th...

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  • 1 Embarrassing Photo Shuts Down Ted Cruz's Argument Against Net Neutrality

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) on Thursday tried to mock supporters of net neutrality, the rule repealed by the FCC that had required Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally.

  • Terrier survives coyote attack caught on surveillance camera

    A north suburban couple whose dog was recently attacked by a coyote are warning other pet owners to take precautions when small animals are outside. Vicky Dinges said her dog Boozer had been out of her Northfield home for less than a minute early Wednesday when a coyote emerged and attacked the cairn terrier, leaving the small dog with a bloody head wound. Dinges said she ran out of the house screaming and the coyote scurried off. She retrieved Boozer, who suffered a deep gash in his head, a bloody eye and other injuries. “He was shaking, I was shaking,” Dinges said. “It could have been so much worse. “ Her home’s surveillance camera captured the attack on video, where the small dog is seen walking

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  • Where's Barron? First son's absence from official White House Christmas portrait raises questions

    The White House released the Trump family's first official Christmas portrait on Thursday -- capturing the president and first lady holding hands and smiling as they posed nestled between flags and Christmas trees.

  • UPS Loses Family’s $846K Inheritance, Offers to Refund $32 Shipping Fee

    A Canadian man says he’s broke after the United Parcel Service lost track of his inheritance. The intended $846,000 delivery was a bank draft from TD Canada Trust, which still hasn’t refunded the lost fortune 10 months later. “It was a total surprise,” Lorette Taylor told CBC News.

  • Megyn Kelly discusses new developments in Matt Lauer investigation

    NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports on new developments in the investigation of allegations against Matt Lauer. Lauer’s first accuser’s attorney criticizes NBC’s protection of his client’s anonymity, as another woman is accusing Lauer of inappropriate behavior.

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  • The F-22 came face to face with Russia's top fighter and was at a major disadvantage

    The top American and Russian fighter jets this week had their first run-in in the skies above Syria, and the incident favored the Russian jet if combat were to break out. The US's F-22 doesn't visibly store weapons, and it relies on stealth, so coming face to face with an advanced Russian fighter puts it at a disadvantage. Two US F-22 stealth fighter jets intercepted Russian Su-25 and Su-35 jets that crossed into the US's area of operation over Syria on Wednesday, and it highlights a downside to the US's top fighter jets. While the F-35 has been built as a flying quarterback that can dogfight, bomb ground targets, gather intelligence, or conduct surveillance, the F-22 specializes in one thing: air-to-air combat.

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  • Tesla is largely responsible for the slide in US home solar sales, report finds

    After years of double-digit growth, home solar installations in the United States are poised to fall for the first time this year, according to a report released on Thursday by GTM Research. The reason? An analysis of installation data suggests that most of the slowdown is traceable to a single company: Tesla, which acquired sister company SolarCity about a year ago. For years, SolarCity, with early backing from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, was the biggest player in residential solar and the driving force behind that market's supercharged growth. When Tesla bought SolarCity last year, Musk called the acquisition a "no-brainer," saying the two companies shared "the same overarching goal of sustainable

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  • Kaley Cuoco Displays Her Churning Desire With Johnny Galecki on ‘Big Bang Theory’ Set (Photo)

    Way to churn up some intrigue, Kaley Cuoco. “The Big Bang Theory” star Cuoco teased viewers of the CBS comedy on Thursday with a mysterious photo of herself on the set of the show, and a challenge to her fans. The photo depicted Cuoco gripping the handle of a wooden instrument, as her castmate Johnny Galecki looked on with a puzzled expression on his face.

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