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Aug 30, 2016

Virgo (change)
You don't want everyone to know your business now; in fact, you might be happiest doing your thing behind the scenes instead of under the bright spotlight. Ironically, you would like recognition for y...

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  • The one thing Hillary Clinton did a lot as secretary of state

    When, as the secretary of state, she wasn't mediating conflicts or coordinating foreign policy, Hillary Clinton had another important purpose.

  • Marine veterans sentenced for brutally beating man who had an affair with one of their wives

    Norman Early III pulled up to the Southern California house one night in September 2015 and sent a Snapchat message to the woman he went there to see, saying he was parked a short distance away. The two, who had known each other for several years, had crossed the line between friendship and flirtation while her husband was serving overseas. The woman responded, “Come in the door is unlocked.” The account from court documents reads like the start of slasher movie. Minutes after midnight on Sept. 20, 2015, Early walked into the modest corner house with a white iron fence and concrete pillars. It was her husband, however, who was using her cellphone to talk to him. Almost simultaneously, Early later

    Washington Post q
  • Jennifer Garner pictured crying during tensed reunion with Ben Affleck – report

    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck reportedly had a tensed reunion over the long weekend which reduced the Nine Lives actress to tears. A Mirror report claims that the actress appeared to wipe her tears and hide her sorrow by wearing sunglasses while the Oscar-winning actor appeared unhappy. Previously there were rumours that Garner is expecting a reunion with her estranged husband while the Batman v Superman actor wants to move on.

    International Business Times UK q
  • Here’s the real secret to losing weight and staying thin (Hint: You’re not going to like it)

    A study found that metabolism rates slow more than expected years after weight loss.

    MarketWatch q
  • Ruby Rose’s giant back tattoo is basically the mother of all tattoos

    Ruby Rose has a thing for tattoos; we have a thing for her. The Australian model, DJ, and OITNB actress has countless…

    Hello Giggles
  • The $30,000-A-Night Jet that Flies Empty

    Every night in the US, an Airbus A300 aircraft takes off from Denver, Colorado bound for Memphis, Tennessee. “Flight 1311 departs every night of the year, though the number varies by the month,” says Marcus Martinez, managing director of the company’s global operations control at FedEx’s sprawling 880-acre airfield at Memphis International Airport. While more attention is normally given to FedEx’s “last mile” network of 48,500 motorized vehicles, its air operation moves four million packages and 11 million pounds of air freight every day. “We’re moving more than 1.4m packages every night just through our SuperHub in Memphis,” says Raj Subramaniam, FedEx’s executive vice-president for global strategy, marketing and communications.

    Forbes q
  • Dear Abby: Wife bans contact with his longtime co-worker

    DEAR ABBY: I recently retired after 26 years of working with a professional partner of the opposite sex. Now my wife expects me to cut off all communication with her. There was never any intimacy or sexual attraction at all, just a friendship established over many years. I have explained this to my wife many times, but she refuses to believe me and wants this person out of my life for good. How can I explain this to someone I have worked with for so many years? Is my wife’s request reasonable? Can’t married males have female friends, or am I restricted to only male friends for the rest of my life? — FENCED IN, IN WASHINGTON DEAR FENCED IN: No, I do not think it is reasonable, and the implication

    Chicago Sun-Times q
  • Woman Returns From Vacation and Says Found up to 10 'Squatters' Living in Her Home

    The squatters lived in the home for a week and a half before getting the boot.

    Inside Edition

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