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Jul 28, 2015

Leo (change)
Your mind may be on your money today, but there's an intrinsic link between your attitude at work and your current fiscal condition. Although you might try to deny this connection at first, when your ...



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  • Employee Sent Home After Shorts From Her Own Store Deemed 'Too Revealing,' She Says

    A former JCPenney employee has taken to Twitter to illustrate just how hypocritical dress codes for women can be. “Boss sent me home for wearing 'too revealing' shorts that I bought from the store I work at in the career section,” Sylva Stoel tweeted on Friday. She included a photo of herself in a pair of red shorts that hit at about...

    Huffington Post q
  • 21 Easy Ways to Treat Back Pain


    Do you suffer from back pain? It's the 2nd most common reason to visit a doctor. If you suffer from back pain, then you need to try these tips.

  • Hot Clicks: Lindsey Pelas; Meet Manute Bol's Son Bol Bol

    Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks: lovely lady of the day Lindsey Pelas; Meet Manute Bol's Son Bol Bol

    SI.com q
  • 'Full House' All Grown Up! This Is What Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse's Twins Look Like Now

    Fuller House is filling out nicely! Filming for Netflix's Full House spin-off is underway, and while Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have not signed on to return (at least for now!), Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit are apparently back to reprise their roles as Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse's twins, Nicky and Alex! The two brothers have also turned into fine young gentlemen in the years since the show aired. WATCH: 'Fuller House' Begins Filming! Which Star Broke Down in Tears On Set? For 10k followers! I know I'm late but thanks guys <3 you all @DC_Wilhoit pic.twitter.com/x0OPF79HfG— Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit (@BlakeTW) March 26, 2014 Dylan broke the news that he would be returning on his Instagram, posting a picture of a Fuller House script, with the caption, "What?" Instagram PHOTOS: The '90s Are Back! Retro Reboots Coming to Your TV And since we can't imagine Nicky without Alex, many presume his brother, now a firefighter, will be back as well. So, I saved a turtle. I named him Broseidon pic.twitter.com/l1rGRE0bKG— Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit (@BlakeTW) December 16, 2014 John Stamos also posted a script picture confirming what true believers have always known, writing, "Becky and Jesse together Forever." WATCH: The 'Full House' Cast Performs the Classic Theme Song Oh, and the sideburns are back, too. "And we're back! Same sideburns- different decade," Stamos wrote. The cast has been getting pretty emotional, especially now that production has started. Candace Cameron Bure, who is back as D.J. Tanner, talked to ET about all the memories she experienced when filming began. NEWS: Jodie Sweetin on 'Fuller House': 'We're Going to Breathe Life Into Their Characters' "I went in and opened that door and I smelled that smell – it was like the floodgates of memories from being 10 to 18 just washed over me, and I just cried!" she said. "It was sensory overload and nostalgia and memories. It was incredible." Check out all the cast photos below!

  • An American Dentist Killed Zimbabwe’s Famous Lion

    Cecil the lion, a famous black-maned resident of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, died at the hands of an American dentist, conservationists claim. “Mr. Palmer shot Cecil with a bow and arrow but this shot didn't kill him,” Johnny Rodrigues, chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said in a statement. Cecil, who was known all over the world would have earned millions of dollars just from sightseeing.

  • The worst part of Windows 10 is the software

    Windows 10 is a gigantic leap forward for Microsoft, representing a return to form for the...

    Business Insider
  • Incredible Bargains on Electric Scooters


    Get amazing savings on top name brand electric scooters. We've got a wide selection for cheap at Calibex!

  • Husband's pit bull rips wife's arm off

    NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- A North Charleston woman is recovering after her husband's pit bull attacked her, causing her to lose part of her arm.

    New York Post q
  • The Marines are slowly saying goodbye to the M16 rifle

    The Marine Corps’ long, sometimes twisted, relationship with the M16 rifle is slowly coming to an end. On Monday, the Marine Corps Times reported that the rifle is only a few signatures away from being phased out from front-line units and relegated to a support role. The move, which follows a similar one by the Army, comes as the Marine Corps implements its new small-arms modernization strategy. “The proposal to replace the M16A4 with the M4 within infantry battalions is currently under consideration at Headquarters Marine Corps,” Maj. Anton Semelroth, a Marine spokesman, told the Marine Corps Times in an e-mail.

    Washington Post q
  • Tragedy Strikes Ex-College Cheerleader on 'Extreme Weight Loss'

    Rachel is battling a broken heart, and the death of an ex. The 35-year-old former UCLA college cheerleader is determined to get back down to her college size, after a painful breakup caused her to seek comfort in food. WATCH: 'Extreme Weight Loss' Returns With 'Most Powerful Season Ever' "I got screwed over by a guy, and I ate myself to over 300 pounds," she says on this week's Extreme Weight Loss. However, Rachel's journey back takes an emotional turn, when her ex dies, causing her to falter in her weight-loss goals. PHOTOS: Biggest Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations! "Any cheerleader can come back, as long as they live, and wear their uniform, and cheer at homecoming," says Rachel. "So, if I can get this to fit again, then I would be able to dance, and cheer at the Rose Bowl. Watch the video above.


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