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Jan 17, 2018

Capricorn (change)
You can make a creative breakthrough today, motivating you to resolve a personal issue that has lingered far too long. However, its not smart to start the celebration too soon, for finding an intellec...

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  • Miley Cyrus Makes a Splash in Skimpy White Bikini While on Beach Date with Love Liam Hemsworth

    Miley Cyrus Wears White Bikini to Beach With Liam Hemsworth

  • Mom's Reaction to Holding Her Newborn Rainbow Baby Is So Powerful

    Birth photographer Laura Fifield has documented several rainbow baby births and says they've all been special. However, a recent rainbow birth she captured has one particular standout photo that is giving us the chills. After losing her third child due to complications from a tubal pregnancy, Lila and her husband Tim were devastated. When she conceived again following the loss, she was both excited and nervous for her rainbow pregnancy. "I gained an amazing appreciation [of the] delicacy of both pregnancy and my own life," Lila wrote on Laura's blog in a post sharing photos of her daughter's birth. "One year after experiencing our loss there I was holding the most precious gift of all, our fearfully

    PopSugar q
  • Woman, 20, raped and murdered by 'obsessed' uncle who padlocked her body in a freezer

    Celine Dookhran, 20, was kidnapped and murdered by her "obsessed" uncle Mujahid Arshid, 33, who hid her body in a freezer, the Old Bailey heard.

    Yahoo News UK
  • Obama Is Returning to Politics in 2018, and Trump Should Be Worried

    If President Donald Trump and the Republican Party were already worried about defending their majorities in the House and Senate come November, they will now have another major factor to contend with: Barack Obama. The former president enjoyed a busy year since leaving the White House but has largely stayed under the radar.

  • Aunt Of 13 Siblings Locked In California Home Says The Dad Used To Watch Her Take Showers

    The sister of the California woman accused of shackling and abusing her 13 children says her brother-in-law used to make her feel “uncomfortable” when she lived with the couple briefly during college.

  • Reporter details how Trump spends his morning "executive time" — and it's as bad as we thought

    The president is also heavily reliant on his personal cell phones, which senior aides often refer to as "Trump One" and "Trump Two." It is on these devices that the president will issue tweets about news items that please or infuriate him, as well as go about his daily business as president. Who he calls largely depends on the time of day. His mornings are typically reserved for staffers and lawmakers, who he sometimes calls immediately after they've appeared on cable news. Later, after he is animated by the day's news, Trump will ring up old friends, former staffers and cable news hosts to ask for advice or fume about the day's coverage. One of the President's outside advisers believes this

    Salon.com q
  • McDonald's Just Made a Stunning Announcement That Will Completely Change the Future of Fast Food

    While I don't eat at McDonald's very often anymore (the few times I eat a burger in any given year, my place of choice is In-N-Out), I have unwrapped plenty of Quarter Pounders with Cheese, Egg McMuffins, and other delectable McTreats in my time. McDonald's sells a tremendous amount of food each year in the U.S. alone -- by some estimates, more than 1 billion pounds of beef (from 5-1/2 million head of cattle) and more than 500 million cups of coffee. Globally, the company buys 3.4 billion pounds of potatoes every year, and serves more than 9 million pounds of french fries every day. Of course, all of this food comes along with something else -- the paper, foam, polystyrene, and other wrapping and containers that it's packed in. In fact, it is estimated that McDonald's uses almost 1.5 million tons of packaging worldwide every year, and that only about 50 percent of this packaging comes from recycled, renewable, or certified materials.

    Inc Magazine q
  • Kourtney Kardashian Says Scott Disick Was Shocked to Hear Younes Bendjima Was Her 'Boyfriend'

    The mother of three opens up to sister Khloe Kardashian on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians.'

    Entertainment Tonight

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