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Aug 21, 2017

Leo (change)
You are standing at a crossroads and you must pick a direction for the next part of your journey. It might not bother you that you dont know which way your life will go. What does get under your skin ...

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  • Couple Who Engaged In Sexual Act Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight Questioned

    The airline said the incident occurred on a flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas and apologized to other passengers aboard the flight.

    International Business Times
  • Donald Trump’s grandfather wrote letter begging not to be deported. Here it is

    When Donald Trump's German grandfather was ordered by a royal decree to leave the country and never return, he wrote a letter pleading the prince regent of Bavaria not to deport him. Friedrich Trump wrote the letter in 1905 when he returned to Germany with his wife and daughter after having emigrated to the US. German authorities had given him eight weeks to leave and denied him repatriation because he failed to complete his mandatory military service and to register his initial emigration to the US 20 years earlier.

    The Independent
  • Bella Thorne wears the (see-through) pants in this relationship

    Bella Thorne took her racy style to the Billboard Hot 100 music festival.

    Yahoo Style
  • Twitter Throws Shade On Ivanka Trump's Eclipse Tweet

    Ivanka Trump attempted to educate the masses on Monday’s solar eclipse.

  • After That 'Game of Thrones Death,' Westeros Is Screwed

    Major spoilers follow. Obviously.

  • ‘Game of Thrones': Everybody’s Real Upset About The Night King’s Javelin Skills

    (Spoilers ahead for the August 20 episode of “Game of Thrones,” “Beyond the Wall.”)

    The Wrap
  • 10 Plans Hitler Would Have Put In Motion If The Nazis Had Won

    Adolf Hitler thought he was going to win. The Nazis didn’t just take battle plans and explosives into World War II; they had plans for a whole new world order. When the fighting and the bloodshed were done, they were going to build a new fascist empire over the ruins of Europe. The Nazis already had already written up the blueprints for their new order. If everything had gone according to Hitler’s plan, the world today would be a different place. And in many ways, the Nazi new world order wouldn’t have been what you’d expect. 10 Returning American Land To The Natives The Nazis might have been genocidal white supremacists, but when it came to Native Americans, they were surprisingly accepting.

    Listverse q
  • Here’s Reportedly Why Kyrie Irving Became Upset With LeBron James

    The Kyrie Irving saga in Cleveland could be just a classic case of miscommunication. The Cavaliers star point guard reportedly requested a trade in order to play for a franchise where he can be the focal point, instead of being LeBron James’ sidekick. Irving also apparently was irked the Cavs had included him in trade talks for Paul George, and now it appears that the 25-year-old star might be under the false impression that James was behind the trade talks for George. FOX Sports 1’s Chris Broussard reported Friday on “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” that the Cavs, Indiana Pacers and Phoenix Suns had a deal in place to send Irving to Phoenix, and the star guard believes that James was trying to force him out of town.

    New England Sports Network q

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