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Jul 23, 2016

Leo (change)
You are the epitome of the roaring Lion today as you face your day with indefatigable optimism. You are proudly in your element and believe you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way. But you m...

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  • Iggy Azalea Shares Racy Post-Breakup Selfie in Her Undies -- See the Pic!

    The Aussie rapper shows a little skin in Las Vegas.

    Entertainment Tonight
  • When the going gets tough. Why Get a Loan From Us?


    We keep the tough going with 2,300 convenient locations, 6,500 helpful employees & a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Talk about strength in numbers.

  • 18 Selena Gomez Bikinigrams That Prove She's Definitely a 10

    If there's one thing we love about Selena Gomez, it's that she's always game to show off her stylish swimsuits. After all, she's hot and she knows it. In fact, when the star called the TJ Show and was asked to rate her hotness on a scale from one to 10, she said, "On a good day, I would say — like a premiere day — I would be a good nine. And then, on my every day, I feel like a six. Gosh, that sounds so bad! I feel like a six or a seven." But from the look of Selena's sun-kissed bikinigrams, for which she changes her style based on the prints, colors, and cuts of her suit, we'd say she's a definite 10 — even when she's on the beach with no makeup on. Scroll to find 18 times Selena proved she

    PopSugar q
  • Suge Knight Breaks Down in Court As Judge Denies Key Witness Info

    A Los Angeles judge denied Suge Knight the identities of several key witnesses during a hearing on Friday, July 22, citing the rap mogul’s long history of violence — read more

    Us Weekly
  • Lady Gaga Flaunts an Insanely Sculpted Physique in a Pink One-Piece Swimsuit

    Although they say there's no time like the present, Lady Gaga turned to the past and rocked a retro-like pastel pink one-piece while bathing in the sun on Saturday. The 30-year-old Grammy and Golden Globe winner, who recently ended her engagement with Taylor Kinney, was spotted in Los Cabos, Mexico, during a south-of-the-border getaway that not only consisted of a standout fashion moment but also helped showcase her A+ curves. Gaga lounged around the pool and by comfy-looking chairs while tak

  • Final touch on your dream home? Amica Insurance.


    Love your insurance as much as you love your home. Switch and save today by combining Auto + Home for up to a 15% discount. Click for a free quote.

  • Kmart workers believe all the stores are going to be imminently shut down

    Kmart employees believe the company is nearing bankruptcy and is in the process of shutting down...

    Business Insider
  • Why do gas stations still put 0.9 cents on a gallon of gas?

    Q: What on earth is the rationale for gas stations to list their prices to include 0.9 cents at the end? When gas was 29 cents a gallon (I remember paying 19.9 in Texas in 1968) the fractional cent might have made sense. Now it doesn't, so why keep implying that $2.39.9 a gallon is not essentially the same as $2.40? A: That fraction of a penny goes back a lot further than 1968. Try 1918 or thereabouts, when a penny went a lot further, too. Around the time of the Great Depression, the federal government tacked a 1.5 cents per gallon tax on the stuff. Since times were already tough enough, gasoline retailers used the tried-and-true marketing trick of using the 0.9 instead of whole cents and it

    Chicago Tribune q
  • As We've Been Saying, California's Minimum Wage Rises Increase Unemployment

    This is an interesting little tale which illustrates the other side of the minimum wage story. Around here at least the standard side is that when you raise the price of something people buy less of it. Increase the minimum wage and employers will economise on minimum wage labour. This is a terribly simple point and yet people will twist themselves into ever more improbable positions to try to deny it. However, today’s part is about the other side of the story. Raise the price of something through legislation and more people will be willing to supply it. If we pass a law that apples are $2 each and no kidding then apple trees will spring up in every suburban garden and we’ll be buried under a

    Forbes q
  • How much can you actually save by refinancing?


    Rates now at 3.20% APR 5/1 ARM- $250K for $923/mo. LendingTree's simple online tool to help determine how much you could be saving by refinancing.

  • Trump uses DNC email leak to court Sanders fans

    Donald Trump is exploiting a rocky day for the Democratic National Committee to reach out to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters who feel their candidate didn’t get a fair shake in the primaries.

    Michael Walsh

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