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Sep 26, 2017

Libra (change)
Mysterious cosmic currents create complex emotional dynamics today, challenging you to find your way back to smoother waters. Although you gain support from your family, they also make your life more ...

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  • Heartbreaking Details About The 8-Year-Old Boy Who Died Protecting His 7-Year-Old Sister From A Child Molester

    Eight-year-old Dante Daniels would be starting his second day of 3rd grade, and his 7-year-old sister would be embarking on day two of 2nd grade. According to the criminal report, Deandre was "engaged in the crime of committing a lewd act" on Dante's little sister when the 8-year-old stepped in to protect her. Deandre also reportedly attacked the little sister with a hammer and a knife as well as Elizabeth.

  • Ivanka Trump and Donald Jr. tried to 'bump' Tiffany out of her inheritance, according to newly released recordings

    Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. were embroiled in a battle to take away inheritance money from their sister, Tiffany Trump, according to a new archive of the conversations Donald Trump had on-air with The Howard Stern Show. Donald Trump told Howard Stern that Ivanka and Donald Jr. weren’t happy when they discovered they’d have another sibling, and agreed when Stern asked whether the two were working together to “bump off a child.” “Do your older children get nervous every time you have another child?” Stern asked, referring to the children's inheritance. Every time Donald Trump has another child, the others are at risk of receiving less money. Exactly how much the Trumps will be inheriting

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  • Jessie James Decker says NFL husband was tricked into national anthem protest

    The singer told TMZ, “My husband was not made aware it was time to go out for the game. Unfortunately a decision was made for him without him knowing.” For his part Jessie James Decker's husband, Titans wide receiver Eric Decker, had only one comment: “Preach baby!” he wrote on Instagram.

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  • Woman at Center of Kevin Hart Sex Extortion Scandal Insists She Didn’t Know He Was Married

    Woman In Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal Didn't Know He Was Married

  • Model 'scalped and drained of blood' in murder unprecedented 'outside wartime', reveals LA autopsy

    An autopsy report has revealed how a model was scalped and drained of blood, in a murder branded unprecedented “outside of wartime”. Comic book writer Blake Leibel, 35, is charged with the murder of the mother of his child, Ukrainian-born Iana Kasian, 30. The murder took place in May last year and Mr Leibel, the heir to a plastics and property fortune, could be given the death sentence if found guilty, due to the severity of the crime.

    The Independent
  • Here's the Story Behind That Shocking Pregnancy Reveal on Tonight's 'Big Bang Theory'

    Within the first five minutes of tonight's Big Bang Theory premiere, diehard Shamy fans got the answer they had been waiting all summer for when—spoiler!—Amy accepted Sheldon's proposal. But that's not all: Bernadette and Howard discovered they are going to be parents again (!!!), a mere nine months after the birth of baby Halley. In fact, that scene—the one with Bernadette and Howard following her surprise pregnancy announcement—might be one of the show's funniest and most iconic moments in its 10-year history. (Honorable mention to Penny and Leonard's reaction to the Wolowitz's urging them to start their own family.) Perhaps the only downside was Sheldon being a complete ass later in the episode,

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  • Alejandro Villanueva: I threw my teammates under the bus unintentionally

    Among the images from Sunday’s Steelers-Browns game was one of Steelers left tackle Alejandro Villanueva standing by himself at the end of the tunnel to the field during the playing of the national anthem while the rest of the team’s players waited to come on the field at the end of the song. The Steelers [ more]

    ProFootball Talk on NBC Sports
  • Leaked Description Of New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Surfaces

    Have Disney and Lucasfilm chosen October 9th to be the day in which they unveil the full-length trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Mark Hamill certainly thinks so – or at least, he did, before pulling his Tweet offline last week. To date, there’s still been no confirmation from either studio that early next month is when we’ll see the new preview, but as the radio silence continues, speculation is quickly mounting. Here to add even more fuel to the fire now is a leaked description of the trailer which first surfaced on 4chan (and has since been deleted) before being picked up by the one and only Mike Zeroh. Yes, we know, that’s a name which causes many eye rolls and groans amongst the Star

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