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Jul 1, 2015

Cancer (change)
Your unacknowledged needs come precariously close to the shores of awareness, impacting your most important relationships. The earthy Capricorn Full Moon in your 7th House of Partners pulls directly o...



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  • The tragically powerful story behind the lone German who refused to give Hitler the Nazi salute

    Adopted by the Nazi Party in the 1930s, Hitler's infamous "sieg heil" (meaning "hail victory")...

    Business Insider
  • Jim Rickards: “We’re at the dawn of a crisis”


    In this controversial interview, economist, Jim Rickards reveals a looming economic crisis, and how American’s can protect their wealth today.

  • Hope Solo admits she intentionally messed with Germany before crucial PK miss

    Hahahaha Hope Solo admitted she stalled to mess with Celia Šašić's head before her stunning, critical penalty miss during the USWNT's 2-0 win at the Women's World Cup semifinal. Šašić', the top goal-scorer in the Women's World Cup, was unable to give Germany a 59th-minute lead.

    SB Nation q
  • Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Get Even More Mileage Out of His 'Cheating Scandal'

    Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are finally speaking out about his "cheating scandal" and the story is pretty bizarre.

    Yahoo Celebrity
  • Toyota's top female executive steps down after arrest in Japan

    Toyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday that Julie Hamp, its first female managing officer, had resigned following her arrest last month on suspicion of illegally importing the painkiller oxycodone into Japan. Hamp, a U.S. citizen, leaves Toyota about a month after she relocated to Tokyo to become the Japanese automaker's chief communications officer. In a statement, Toyota said it had accepted Hamp's resignation after "considering the concerns and inconvenience that recent events have caused our stakeholders".

  • Kate Middleton's Not Too Princess-y to Play Sports

    Kate Middleton may be taking it easy now that she's got two little royals at home, but she's proven in the past that she's not afraid to work up a sweat. Kate's been active since Saint Andrew's school, where she played tennis and swam, and her sporty days haven't stopped since she became a duchess.

    PopSugar q
  • 12 Times Taylor Swift Towered Over Other Celebs


    Ed Sheeran publicly admitted that he would not date the 5-foot-10-inch Taylor Swift because of her height, but we think she looks great! 

  • Scientists stumped by enormous pyramid on dwarf planet Ceres

    Scientists say they’re stumped and surprised by a new discovery on the surface of Ceres, a dwarf planet that lies in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Observed by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, new data suggests the space rock is home to several unexplained bright spots, along with a three-mile high pyramid poking out of the protoplanet’s surface. Ceres is considered to be a “fossil” from the early solar system, which is why NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is so eager to get a closer look. Speaking to the LA Times, Christopher Russell, Dawn’s principal investigator, said he never dreamed of discovering bright spots—and he has no idea what that pyramid might be.

    TechnoBuffalo q
  • Drug cops took a college kid’s savings and now 13 police departments want a cut

    Clarke's cash, which says he he spent five years saving up, was seized under civil asset forfeiture, where cops are able to take cash and property from people who are never convicted of -- and in some cases, never even charged with -- a crime.

    Washington Post q
  • What Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Famous Exes Said About Their Failed Romances

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced on Tuesday that they were divorcing after 10 years of marriage, but before they got together, they both had several high-profile relationships. While neither Affleck nor Garner have publicly addressed their breakup, over the years, their famous exes have. Affleck dated Gwyneth Paltrow from 1997 to 2000, co-starring with her in 2000's Bounce. In January, Paltrow explained why her romance with Affleck didn't work out. "He was not in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend," she told Howard Stern, admitting that her parents were "OK" with them not being together. Stern also asked her about a joke she had previously made about Affleck while they were dating, specifically, "He'd be better off dating a Scores stripper." Paltrow laughed and responded, "Well that was true at the time." A few years later Affleck moved on to Jennifer Lopez in 2002 and embarked on a whirlwind romance, getting engaged later that year. Quickly dubbed "Bennifer" by the media, they co-starred in Gigli and Jersey Girl before breaking up in January 2004. In Lopez's 2014 memoir, True Love, J.Lo admitted that her failed relationship with Affleck was her "first real heartbreak." WATCH: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Split, Announce Divorce "It felt like my heart had been torn out of my chest," she wrote. "People do lots of things to anesthetize themselves in moments like these. Some people do drugs, some drink and some go out and party." Lopez explained that her split with Affleck led her back to her own ex, Marc Anthony, with whom she has two kids. "I sought out comfort in another person, tried to find someone who could make me feel loved and wanted in my loneliest hours. And that was the moment when Marc reappeared in my life." And what about Garner? The actress met Scott Foley on the set of The WB's Felicity in 1998, before getting married in 2000 and divorcing in 2004. Foley blamed their split on Garner's then-rising stardom. "Nobody else was involved," Foley told TV Guide in 2005. "Jennifer became a huge celebrity. She became a huge star, and she deserved everything she got. There was no other relationship, there was no infidelity, nothing. People get divorced, you know? Through no one's fault and everyone's fault." PHOTOS: 17 Times Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Were Our Relationship Goals  As for her other ex, Alias co-star Michael Vartan, who she dated in 2004, he told USA Today in 2005 that they were still close, even describing their breakup as 'benign." "We're much better off as friends," he admitted. Vartan revealed that Garner told him about her engagement to Affleck. "Jennifer and I were best friends first, during and after," he said at the time. "I'm hoping Ben will put me in one of his next movies." PHOTOS: 7 Times Ben Affleck and Jen Affleck Got Too Real About Their Marriage #ExesGoals! Check out the video below to see a married Garner flirt with an engaged Ben Affleck in 2003 in the video below.


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