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Jan 22, 2018

Aquarius (change)
You seem to be a conversation starter today and are unwilling to patiently wait for others to make the first move. You want all the facts you can get now because you believe knowledge is power. Dont l...

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  • Watch: Tom Brady Tells Cameraman to Get the 'F--- Out the Way!'

    As you may have heard, Tom Brady is dealing with a hand injury in the Patriots' matchup with the Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game. So it's quite understandable if he's being extra cautious to not pick up another knock. When Brady was jogging onto the field during pregame, he thought a cameraman was somewhere he shouldn't be. He let him know what he should do next: His cameraman fear is not completely unfounded. Before Ohio State's game against Michigan last season, Buckeyes quarterback J.T. Barrett was injured when an out-of-place cameraman knocked into his knee during warmups. Brady made sure he wouldn't suffer a similar fate.

    Sports Illustrated
  • Malia Obama wears $69 dress on NYC date with posh British boyfriend

    The former first daughter strolled through Manhattan with her British Harvard beau, Rory Farquharson.

    Yahoo Lifestyle
  • WSJ Reporter: Trump May Have Reneged On Border Wall Deal To Hold On To Campaign Issue

    Wall Street Journal White House reporter Eli Stokols has a possible theory about why Donald Trump reportedly accepted a border wall offering from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) — then reneged.

  • Abby Lee Miller Shows Off Weight Loss in Instagram Photo From Prison

    A source told ET that the 'Dance Moms' star has lost approximately 100 pounds.

    Entertainment Tonight
  • CNN analyst goes after Tony Romo with vicious tweet, for some reason

    Tony Romo’s postseason failures are well-known and much discussed but … damn. That’s cold. It’s also perhaps not the way a politician who recently lost an election — for Lieutenant Governor, no less —  and turned toward giving analysis at CNN might want to play this. Sellers, by most accounts, has a bright political future but …. glass houses and stones. Though honestly after this I’m somewhat intrigued to see this gentleman engage in a debate. Can he drop lines like this on a state, in the moment? Sellers, a South Carolina-based lawyer and Panthers fan, is married to Vince Carter’s ex-wife, apparently appeared on a reality show at some point and wrote this trenchant column last week for The

    For The Win q
  • Here’s How Much the Average American Collects in Social Security at Age 62, 66, and 70

    Are you financially prepared for retirement? Probably not. According to a survey conducted by Nationwide, Americans are overestimating how much money they'll receive from Social Security and underestimating retirement expenses. Are you making the same mistake? Read on to get a better grasp on what you're Social Security income could be at 62, 66, and 70, the three most common ages to claim benefits. Miscalculations are common Nationwide's survey finds that people over age 50 think Social Security will cover more than 50% of their expenses in retirement. However, the reality is that Social Security is designed to replace only 40% of the average worker's pre-retirement income. If your pre-retirement

    The Motley Fool q
  • Kristen Bell kicks off 2018 SAG Awards with a jab at First Lady Melania Trump

    "There has never been a host for this awards show before," Bell said. "First time. First person. First lady. I honestly never thought I would grow up to be the first lady, but you know what, I kind of like it," Bell said. "I think my first initiative as first lady will be cyberbullying because I have yet to see any progress on that problem quite yet."

    CNN q
  • Olivia Munn Just Cleared Up Rumors She's Dating Chris Pratt in the Nicest Way

    Olivia Munn reached out to Anna Faris after tabloid rumors erupted that she was dating Chris Pratt, and Anna's response was perfect.


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