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Aug 5, 2015

Leo (change)
Pulling back into the safety of your home and family may be your most sensible move as the tides of change wash upon your shore. You might be feeling a sense of urgency, but won't likely lose your cha...



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  • Ben Affleck Meets With Ex-Nanny: See the Pic That Sparked the Scandal

    More details are now coming out about Ben Affleck's late-night meet-up on July 17 with his ex-nanny, Christine Ouzounian. Both Ben and Christine smile big in this photo taken at a rental house, where Ben was staying at the time. The 42-year-old actor is seen coming out of the house to greet 28-year-old Christine, who was driving his car. According to an eyewitness, she was also seen driving Ben's Lexus earlier in the day to run errands, and spent about two hours at the house before leaving. WATCH: Ben Affleck's Former Nanny 'Tipped Off the Paparazzi' About Los Angeles Rendezvous A source previously told ET exclusively that Christine actually "tipped off the paparazzi" about the rendezvous, so that photos would be taken of her and Ben together. Splash News WATCH: A Somber Ben Affleck Returns Alone After Bahamas Trip With Jennifer Garner Late last month, Ben's rep slammed reports that the Oscar winner is romantically involved with Christine, calling them "complete garbage" and "full of lies." But Christine is reportedly claiming to friends that her relationship with the A-list star did indeed become intimate, according to People. ET can confirm she was seen at the Hotel Bel Air last month, where Christine's friend told the magazine that Christine would talk of trysts with Ben there. Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner is currently in Atlanta filming her latest movie, Miracles From Heaven. Last Sunday, she spent her day off visiting sick children at an Atlanta hospital with her co-star, Kylie Rogers, posing for pics with patients and their families. But while it may look like Jennifer is unbothered by the nanny rumors, E! News reports that the 43-year-old actress is actually "livid" over the story and "eager for it to go away." WATCH: Did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Ex-Nanny's Engagement End Because of the Actor? Christine was let go by the former couple after working for the family for a "matter of months," a source previously told ET. Her closest friends thought she was being strangely tight-lipped about the reason for her firing, the source added, though Ben wrote a glowing recommendation letter on her behalf. She also joined Ben and Jennifer in the Bahamas last month, around the time the two announced they were divorcing, though Ben returned to Los Angeles alone. Watch the video below for more details on Christine, including the fact that she was previously engaged to a local fisherman in the Bahamas.

  • Restyle Restore Rrejoice


    The fitted waist and neckline of this little black dress are so flattering.

  • Bobbi Kristina deathbed funeral photo sold for $100,000: Bobbi lies in casket

    Bobbi Kristina Brown's deathbed photos showing her in a funeral casket have been sold to a tabloid for over $100,000. The deathbed photo was taken at Bobbi Kristina's wake, a day before her Aug. 1 funeral in Georgia. Sadly, the same thing happened at Whitney Houston's 2012 funeral, when a man named Raffles van Exel allegedly sold her deathbed photo to the National Enquirer.

    Examiner.com q
  • Gen. Stanley McChrystal explains what most people get wrong about Navy SEALs

    Most people think of Navy SEALs as superheroes who work together like a real-life Avengers...

    Business Insider
  • Wife Cheating On Husband Needs To Figure Out Why

    DEAR ABBY: I am 21 and on my second marriage. My husband of two years is every girl's dream man -- the kindest, gentlest, most patient guy. He loves me for everything, including my flaws. I honestly believe he is the only one who could ever handle me.So tell me, why am I cheating on him? I never thought I could find myself in this situation. I have a lot happening in my life, but there is no excuse for why I am straying from such an amazing husband. I love him, but when I get a text, I hope so badly that it's from the other man, and when it's from my husband I feel disappointment. ...

    Dear Abby
  • Things in China are about to get better, but for the worst possible reason

    Chinese economic data continues to disappoint, and the recent volatility in the country's stock...

    Business Insider
  • 2015 Mortgage Rates Take Huge Dip - 2.75% APR


    Rates now at 2.75% APR - $200K mortgage for $803/mo. Process is easy & quotes are free! (2.75% APR 5/1 ARM). Calculate new payment now.

  • Archaeologists discover giant prehistoric monolith at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea

    At the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, archaeologists uncovered a 10,000-year-old man-made monolith that they believe is evidence of a prehistoric civilization. The find, which is actually the second of its type, has led archaeologists to suspect that civilization may have "already been shifting towards our modern way of life" earlier than previously thought, according to Evoanth. Together, the two monoliths (the other one was found in the Middle East) suggest that different groups in different parts of the world were beginning to develop a modern way of life simultaneously.

    The Week q
  • Blake Shelton’s Alleged Mistress Speaks Out: 7 Things To Know About Cady Groves

    The divorce of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert was done swiftly and quietly as the very day that they released a joint statement announcing they were separating after four years of marriage was the same day they signed the papers and were officially divorced. The split was surprising although the two had battled rumors of infidelity and breakups throughout their whole relationship, and after the news broke it was Miranda Lambert who came under fire for allegedly cheating on Shelton with fellow country star Chris Young. Now, however, after Chris spoke up completely denying the rumors, Shelton’s alleged mistress Cady Groves, 26, has resurfaced, giving details about her reported affair with the country music star to In Touch magazine. If the accounts from the interview are true it seems Shelton, 39, falls into the old cliche of “once a cheater, always a cheater.” Here are 7 things to know about his alleged mistress Cady Groves.

    fame10.com q
  • Here's What the Cast of 'Coyote Ugly' Looks Like 15 Years Later

    “Is this a church meeting or is this a bar?!” Fifteen years later, it’s safe to say that Coyote Ugly is still one of the coolest movie bars ever -- and it was a bar, not a church meeting. Tuesday marks a decade and a half since we realized we couldn't fight the moonlight. Here’s what the cast has been up to since then. WATCH: Tyra Banks Goes on Rant About ‘Size 0’ Model Pressures Piper Perabo (Violet Sanford) Getty Images What’s She’s Done Lately: Covert Affairs, for which she earned a Golden Globe nomination in 2011. Adam Garcia (Kevin O’Donnell) Getty Images What’s He’s Done Lately: Judging the Australian version of Dancing With the Stars. (Bonus fun fact: He played the rock star Lindsay Lohan thought was “a greater poet than Shakespeare” in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.) John Goodman (Bill) Getty Images What’s He’s Done Lately: The Monsters, Inc. sequel, Amazon’s Alpha House. NEWS: Get Details on ‘Covert Affairs’ Str Piper Perabo’s Wedding Maria Bello (Lil) Getty Images What’s She’s Done Lately: Published Whatever...Love Is Love: Questioning the Labels We Give Ourselves. Izabella Miko (Cammie) Getty Images What’s She’s Done Lately: Step Up: All In (for the record, that’s the fifth installment in the Step Up franchise) and Chicago Fire. Tyra Banks (Zoe) Getty Images What’s She’s Done Lately: American’s Next Top Model Cycle 22. No update on Life Size 2. (Where is it, Tyra?! Don’t you want to shine bright, shine far, don’t be shy, be a star again?) NEWS: Read an Excerpt From Maria Bello’s 'Whatever...Love Is Love' Bridget Moynahan (Rachel) Getty Images What’s She’s Done Lately: Blue Bloods (where Izabella Miko was a guest star!) Melanie Lynskey (Gloria) Getty Images What’s She’s Done Lately: Two and a Half Men. She was also snubbed for her beautiful work on HBO’s Togetherness. LeAnn Rimes (LeAnn Rimes) Getty Images What’s She’s Done Lately: The most. Speaking of movie anniversaries, Clueless turned 20 this year! Here’s what the cast thinks of the movie now:


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