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Jun 27, 2017

Cancer (change)
Complex emotions can bottle up inside you until you find a way to express them. Thankfully, this challenge won't slow you down now that loquacious Mercury is active in your sign. Although you're not o...

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  • Trump and Russia: Stephen Colbert Says He Was Followed During Secret Moscow Trip

    “It’s good to be home,” Stephen Colbert told his audience Monday following his clandestine trip to Russia to film material for upcoming episodes of CBS's The Late Show. Colbert revealed that he filmed an entire week of footage from Russia and also found time to appear on a Late Show doppelganger, Evening Urgant, on the state-run Channel One last Friday. The talk show host was coy about the footage he shot in Russia, but it’s likely that his visit caused some concern for both the Russian and U.S. government.

  • Morning Report: Felice Herrig says she knew Justine Kish crapped her shorts during UFC fight

    In a weekend packed to the brim with high level MMA, Felice Herrig and Justine Kish put on one of the most entertaining scraps in their main card fight at UFC Fight Night: Oklahoma City on Sunday. But despite a high action strawweight bout which saw Kish escape a fully locked in rear-naked choke attempt, the conversations surrounding the fight stem from what happened shortly thereafter when Kish defecated in her shorts while attempting to explode out of a bad position. The unfortunate incident made a mess on the mat which many people were quick to notice, chief among them, Herrig herself. Speaking recently with TMZ Sports, Herrig resisted the urge to make any “I literally choked the crap out

    MMA Fighting q
  • Ivanka Trump on brother Barron's White House playdates with his nieces and nephews

    Kids will be kids! Barron Trump and his nieces and nephews are already making memories in the White House. Ivanka Trump opened up in a new interview with Fox & Friends on Tuesday about her 11-year-old brother — who moved to D.C. earlier this month — and her children’s playdates at the presidential residence. “Now with Barron here they have so much fun together and they are so young.

  • This image shows the mind-bending specifications of HMS Queen Elizabeth, the £3 billion British warship that dwarfs the Niagara Falls

    On Monday, the HMS Queen Elizabeth cast off for sea trials — her maiden voyage. The QE Class aircraft carrier took eight years to construct (six years behind schedule) and cost the Royal Navy £3.5 billion. The result, though, is a ship longer than the Houses of Parliament and more powerful than anything in British naval history.

    Business Insider UK
  • NBA: LeBron James’ Cleveland Superteam in Danger as Wizards Woo Paul George

    Washington Wizard’s All-Star guard John Wall is looking to end Cleveland’s hopes of creating a super-team with Paul George in it, according to reports. George will leave the Pacers at the end of his current contract, which runs until June 2018, but is yet to choose his next destination. ESPN says George is considering a move to the Lakers, while the Cavaliers are heavily interested in the 27-year-old.

  • A new study finally tells car owners whether traditional or synthetic oil is better

    If you're a good car owner and follow a reasonable maintenance schedule, you likely change your oil at least twice a year. Really scrupulous drivers do it more often, using the traditional "every 3,000 miles" rule. But a big question always comes up when undertaking this basic task, either yourself or at a professional garage or oil-change location: Traditional or synthetic oil. There are always two considerations when making that call: cost and quality. Everybody knows synthetic costs more. But is it really worth it? AAA decided to conduct an extensive scientific analysis to find out. The result isn't shocking, but it could guide consumer behavior toward spending a bit more money to get a long-term

    Business Insider q
  • Supreme Court imposes church tax

    Reckless ruling blows a huge hole in the wall between church and state: Opposing view In America, houses of worship should continue to pay their own way. Religious institutions in this country have traditionally relied on voluntary support, not taxpayer funds, to grow and prosper. This system has worked well for us. Religion in America has thrived under this voluntary principle. Monday’s decision by the Supreme Court in Trinity Lutheran Church v. Comer is starkly at odds with that great tradition. By asserting that houses of worship have a legal right to public funds in some cases, the high court has imposed a modern-day version of a church tax on all of us. Americans should have the right to

    USA Today q
  • DeMario Jackson Recounts Corinne Olympios Encounter In New Interview

    DeMario Jackson is spilling more of that Bachelor in Paradise tea. Yesterday Jackson said that allegations that he had engaged in a sexual encounter with Corinne Olympios without her consent had been agonizing for his parents. Now that Warner Bros. has concluded its investigation and found no evidence of wrongdoing, he's sharing what he claims actually took place between him and Olympios.


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