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Oct 19, 2017

Libra (change)
You might appear cool, calm and collected, but you cant prevent your thoughts from running around in circles now. Clear thinking often leads to sound decisions, but obsessively playing the same record...

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  • What Happens After You Die? The Brain Keeps Working Long Enough for Thoughts to Form

    The current medical definition of death is when the heart stops beating. In an interview with LiveScience, NYU Langone’s Sam Parnia, a pulmonologist who studies resuscitation, notes that from that point, it takes up to 20 seconds before brain waves are no longer detectable. If you manage to restart the heart, which is what CPR attempts to do, you'll gradually start to get the brain functioning again.

  • After you die your brain knows you’re dead, terrifying study reveals

    Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? You’ve probably heard about how those who have died and come back to life say that they saw light at the end of a tunnel. Or that they floated above their bodies, watching as doctors frantically worked to keep them alive. But until now it was not known if the mind kept working after the body died. Just like the remake of the ’90s cult horror “Flatliners,” starring Ellen Page, scientists have discovered that a person’s consciousness continues to work after they have died. In the film, a group of young doctors conducts a dangerous experiment to see what happens in the afterlife by taking turns stopping their hearts. Dr. Sam Parnia and her team from

    New York Post q
  • 'If I Do Not Leave Now, I Will Die': Model Shares Chilling Story of Bloody Beating by 'War Machine'

    Christy Mack suffered numerous injuries at the hands of the MMA fighter, who nearly beat her to death when he found her in bed with another man.

    Inside Edition
  • People can still be conscious after they have ‘died’, researcher says

    People who have been declared dead can sometimes remember real events after ‘death’

    Yahoo News UK
  • Vladimir Putin laughs uncontrollably at suggestion Russia should export pork to Muslim country

    Minister of Agriculture suggested the move to Putin during a meeting last week as a way to increase overseas trade.

    Yahoo News UK
  • Peter Facinelli recalls divorce from '90210' star Jennie Garth: 'Love is blind'

    Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth shocked fans in 2012 when they announced their separation after 11 years of marriage. And the 43-year-old actor admitted it wasn’t easy getting over his longtime love. “I think once, there was a time where we had to learn that we had to be able to move forward with love and respect,” the former “Twilight” star told LaPalme Magazine, as reported by the Daily Mail Thursday. “Once a breakup happens you need to go through the healing process first. Love is blind and in hindsight is twenty-twenty.” Facinelli and the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star were determined to co-parent successfully after the breakup for the sake of their three daughters. “As long as mom and dad

    Fox News q
  • Tennessee police find kitten, raccoon cuddling in dumpster

    Oct. 19 (UPI) -- Police in Tennessee were met with an unexpected sight when they found a kitten and a raccoon huddling for warmth in a dumpster. The Knoxville Police Department shared photos of the unlikely pair, which Animal Control Officer Nick Powell spotted while responding to a call of an animal stuck in a dumpster. "When Officer Powell looked inside the dumpster he located two unusual companions -- a kitten and a baby raccoon -- cuddled in the corner keeping each other warm," police said. The kitten and raccoon were found snuggling together while facing the back corner of the dumpster and the kitten seemingly stood in front of the raccoon to protect its companion as the officer approached.

    UPI q
  • Twitter conspiracy theorists think they've found Melania Trump's body double

    Earlier this month, an absurd conspiracy theory began to spread alleging Melania Trump employed a body double -- and now people claim they've found her.


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