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Nov 20, 2017

Scorpio (change)
Your optimism is contagious today because you truly believe your dreams will come true. You have a knack for persuasively describing the absolute best possible scenario in the hope of realizing what y...

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  • Selena Gomez Hits the AMAs in the Shortest Leather Minidress You Can Imagine

    Gomez wore her edgiest look yet in this biker-chic mini on the American Music Awards red carpet. See it here.

  • Terry Crews Claims Music Mogul Russell Simmons Sent Him a Very Disturbing Email. His 5-Word Response Was Perfect

    Terry Crews is through playing games. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star and former professional NFL player took to Twitter yesterday to call out music mogul Russell Simmons. Crews posted an email Simmons allegedly sent him, urging him to drop his recent sexual assault charges against high-powered Hollywood agent Adam Venit.(Crews claims that Adam Venit, a high-powered Hollywood agent who represents top clients such as Emma Stone, Adam Sandler and Eddie Murphy, made a series of lewd gestures and then physically groped him at a party last year.) According to the screenshot, Simmons' email said the following: "Did he ever apologize    Give the agent a pass    ask that he be reinstated With great love,

    Inc Magazine q
  • Awful New Details About The Brave Mom Shot Multiple Times Saving Her Kids From The California Elementary School Shooter — And How No One Stopped To Help Her

    It was just a normal weekday morning when 31-year-old Tiffany Phommathep dropped her children off at Rancho Tehama Elementary School. After seeing Neal approaching, she quickly threw herself over her 10-year-old son, John Jr., who was sitting in the passenger seat.

  • Charles Manson: What happened when a journalist asked notorious serial killer to describe himself in one sentence

    Twenty years after orchestrating the gruesome murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others in Los Angeles during the summer of 1969, Charles Manson was asked to describe who he was in one sentence. After taking a pause for dramatic effect, he continued: "I'm nobody. Manson, whose name became synonymous with violence and madness, died on Sunday of natural causes at the age of 83.

    The Independent
  • Manspreader Punches Woman on Public Transit For Standing Up For Her Space

    A manspreader punched a woman in the face and busted her lip after she asked him to move over while sitting aboard a New York City subway train. The victim, Sam Saia, was riding the train to work on Thursday when the man parked next to her opened up his legs, squeezing her in her seat, she told the New York Daily News.

  • What Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth had to say during Cowboys' second straight national embarrassment 

    In NFL broadcasting school, wide-eyed wannabe announcers are taught to never concede any game is out of reach. It's not good for business. It might encourage people at home to find something else to watch. Certainly it should never be done with almost 11 minutes remaining. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth must have been absent the semester that was emphasized. NBC's Sunday Night Football broadcasters did everything but offer up a duet of Willie Nelson's "Turn out the lights, the party's over" as the fourth quarter of Philadelphia 37, Cowboys 9 lingered on. Who could blame them? "Clearly the game is well in hand," Michaels told viewers with the Eagles leading by only 20. Of course, he was right.

    SportsDay q
  • Earth's Rotation Is Mysteriously Slowing Down: Experts Predict Uptick In 2018 Earthquakes

    Scientists have found strong evidence that 2018 will see a big uptick in the number of large earthquakes globally. Earth’s rotation, as with many things, is cyclical, slowing down by a few milliseconds per day then speeding up again. You and I will never notice this very slight variation in the rotational speed of Earth. However, we will certainly notice the result, an increase in the number of severe earthquakes. Geophysicists are able to measure the rotational speed of Earth extremely precisely, calculating slight variations on the order of milliseconds. Now, scientists believe a slowdown of the Earth’s rotation is the link to an observed cyclical increase in earthquakes. To start, the research

    Forbes q
  • Fox News tries to book child sexual abuse survivor for show but lawyer has scathing response: 'Not on my watch'

    A lawyer has submitted a scathing response to a Fox News request to book one of Roy Moore's accusers for an interview with Sean Hannity. In the wake of multiple allegations of child sex abuse against Alabama senate candidate Mr Moore, Fox News producer Alyssa Moni asked to interview alleged victim Gloria Deason on Mr Hannity's prime time Fox show. Ms Deason’s lawyer, Paula Cobia, emailed back to decline the request.

    The Independent

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