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Feb 26, 2015

Pisces (change)
What you see isn't quite real today -- but you're not going crazy! Someone has taken pains to layer illusion over reality, and while it's not really all that much trouble, it does take time to unravel...



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  • Will Smith Reveals Cause of Struggle in His High-Profile Marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith

    Will Smith told Us Weekly and reporters at the Focus premiere that his marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith has experienced its fair share of bumps -- find out their struggle here

    Us Weekly
  • 7 Dumb Things You Waste Money On Every Month


    These are the "common" things that will make your money vanish before you know it. And #7 is surprisingly common...

  • This is the David Spade joke that kept Eddie Murphy off SNL for two decades

    If you read Norm Macdonald's epic Twitter explosion about his crazy week helping make the "Saturday Night Live" 40th anniversary special happen, you might be wondering: What the hell did David Spade actually do to piss off Eddie Murphy? Eddie did not attend due to a remark by David Spade.

    Business Insider q
  • No Bra, No Problem: Beyonce Wears a Completely Unbuttoned Shirt to Lunch

    Is this a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen? Beyonce stepped out for lunch with Jay Z at Gracias Madre -- a vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif. -- on Tuesday, where her denim-on-denim outfit definitely turned plenty of heads. The 33-year-old "Single Ladies" singer knotted her button-up to show off her toned stomach, but most strikingly, left the sexy shirt completely unbuttoned. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Worst Wardrobe Malfunctions Check out her bra-less look below. AKM/GSI Seriously, how is that top staying in place?! On another note, it's good to see Beyonce and Jay Z sticking to their healthier eating habits, especially since the singing superstar and her trainer Marco Borges announced their partnership to launch the 22 Days Nutrition plant-based home delivery meal service earlier this month. VIDEO: Beyonce's Trainer Spills On Her Amazing Slim-Down Watch the video below to hear all about Beyonce's surprising new venture.

  • Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant linked to incident at Walmart parking lot

    By Lisa Maria Garza and Jon Herskovitz DALLAS (Reuters) - Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was questioned by police at the scene of a 2011 incident in which a witness reported that Bryant's girlfriend was dragged by an unidentified man across a Texas Walmart parking lot, according to police documents. Neither Bryant or the Cowboys have commented on the report that was released as the National Football League has been rocked by a series of highly publicized domestic violence incidents among players including Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. In the 2011 incident in Texas, a Walmart security guard told police a person reported to him that a black man dragged Bryant's girlfriend Ilyne Nash from a white Mercedes, which was registered to Bryant, and across the parking lot.

  • Kobe Bryant explains why he never got along with Dwight Howard

    Kobe Bryant said he tried to show Howard how to win a championship, but Howard didn't want to deal with the challenge.

    SB Nation q
  • Wondering What Your High School Flame Looks Like?


    Find your old high school girl friend by searching the largest directory of high school and class lists. You can even search by maiden name.

  • The Mistake You're Almost Definitely Making With Scrambled Eggs

    All it takes is one, simple tweak and your eggs will be so much better....

    The Huffington Post q
  • What 7 States Discovered After Spending More Than $1 Million Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

    As state legislatures convene across the country, proposals keep cropping up to drug test applicants to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, or welfare. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has gone further, proposing to drug test applicants for food stamps and unemployment benefits. According to state data gathered by ThinkProgress, the seven states with existing programs — Arizona, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Utah — are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to ferret out very few drug users. The statistics show that applicants actually test positive at a lower rate than the drug use of the general population.

    ThinkProgress q
  • One of CNN's aviation experts thinks Putin stole missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370

    Private pilot and science writer Jeff Wise, one...

    Business Insider

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  • Tea Leoni in a happy state as star of 'Madam Secretary'

    NEW YORK (AP) — Wednesday was Tea Leoni's birthday. But when referring to her age recently, she realized she wouldn't be turning 50 this time, but 49 instead.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 4 mins ago
  • Oscar winner 'Ida' sparks accusations of being anti-Polish

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The Oscar-winning Polish film "Ida" has found an enthusiastic reception worldwide. But in Poland it has provoked a debate over whether the film is anti-Polish.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 19 mins ago
  • New name for Namibian town is a tongue-twister

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — A linguistic storm is brewing in coastal Luderitz, where some residents of the Namibian town are protesting plans to change its name to !Nami#nus.

    Chambersburg Public Opinion 29 mins ago

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